Pass The Bread

This is Digby Pancake. There are some things that are fun. Eating pancakes. Thinking about pancakes. Planning for pancakes.

There are things that may seem less fun. Like battling an overwhelming artichoke. At least that’s what Girl Person said. After her battle with that overwhelming artichoke. You guessed it. The artichoke won. Boy Person choked. On the artichoke.

Now, let me say that she put forth a brilliant effort. An effort based on no experience and based on hope.

But with many things, on the first try, you may not be successful. And when you’re not successful, you have two choices. Try again. Or not.

The persons said the idea of the artichoke was good. The flavors were good. The execution of the whole process could be improved upon.

Because usually, when you are eating something, it shouldn’t get all over you or make you choke. That could have happened. It could have.

So it seems that the overwhelming artichoke this week was a challenge to Girl Person. But instead of giving up, she has vowed to marry that flavor with a whole, successful execution of texture as well. She may just have to wait though. Why? Her confidence needs to be built up before she tries again.

And so she decided as long as she was trying new things this week, she would try something new with maybe a skill she already had. Making bread, but cooking it in a new way. Over the campfire! It was a family affair to make it!

We had to find sticks and cook it. It was fun!

Was she successful in this bread making experiment? She was. And it was delicious. It was possibly more successful than the overwhelming artichoke.

But was it really? You see, being good at something doesn’t mean you are a success. Being a success means you learn by failure. You learn by trying.

And you learn by being an example to others that if your endeavors don’t turn out the way you want, you try again.

But you measure it with your standards of success and no one else’s.

I definitely say pass the bread.

Because life requires success and failure together. When you fail, do something else that makes you feel good. Build your confidence to pick up the pieces to try again. Don’t choke, make life a success by deliciously reaching for new skills, new successes, and a better you.

Digby Pancake

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