Peanuts Or Soybeans?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  If there is one thing I know, besides the fact that I am extremely handsome, it’s peanuts.

Yes. My knowledge of peanuts goes far and wide.

But Boy Person?  He could stand to go to a class about peanuts.

And also a class about soybeans. Apparently, he doesn’t know the difference.

As we were driving yesterday to our new campsite, Boy Person remarked that he saw a field of peanuts in the distance.

Or maybe it was a soy bean field.  Hmmmm.

You see, he explained that his dad person had taught him how to identify a crop of peanuts or a crop of soy beans. However, whenever they saw a field of peanuts…or soybeans…they did not take the time to figure out which one it was.  It was either one of them and that was important enough.

Obviously, I am someone that likes attention to details.  I mean, look at every hair of mine in place.

So it doesn’t make much sense to me, after all these years, oh so many years, that he just hasn’t taken the time to figure the crop mystery out.

Many persons are like that.  They take knowledge for granted.

They rely on others to tell them facts. They rely on others to guide them. But have you taken the time to figure things out yourself? To gain knowledge? It is quite fun to learn.

Relying on ourself is quite a prize. Of course, no one will ever know everything.  I come close, but you get what I’m saying.  However, if you gain as much knowledge as you can about a subject and make a decision based on that knowledge, not only will your confidence grow, but your contribution to others around you grows. Life is a lot more fun when you know more about it!

So. Peanuts or soybeans? The peanut, also known as the groundnut is a crop plant. Peanut pods develop underground rather than above ground.

Soybeans are an annual legume plant with a branched tap root. During growth, the plants push up above ground.

So although they are both legumes, they grow and are harvested differently.  Both have their uses. But they are different.  Sure, at first glance, they may look the same. But so do many things in our world. Taking the time and the effort to learn is beneficial for us all.  Just like peanuts and soybeans! I think it’s time for a snack!

We are in Comer, Georgia! Stay tuned for our adventures this week!

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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