The Picture Of Success

This is Digby Pancake. So many persons that we meet are always amazed at Peanut Butter Brickle and me. Yes. Because we are so cute. Yes. Because we are so smoochable.

But what they always say is that we pose so good!! They ask Girl Person what her secret is to get us to pose for the camera. Well. Newsflash. We’ve had to do this for over ten years. I think we know the routine.

It’s not like we don’t appreciate our jobs. Stand there. Get treats. Look cute. Get treats. The pupparazi never leaves us alone.

Earning treats prepared us for this nonpaying, no room for advancement career. But we like it that way. And we always make it a point to learn more on the job.It’s important we keep entertaining you.


Some persons get ten year pins for their hard work at a job. Some persons get a raise. Some persons get a TV. Just ask Gandpa about that color TV beauty he got back in the day.

But some like me and Brickle decide that after all of our hard work in this job, that we would now like to be our own bosses. So this week, we’ve started a new thing. WE tell Girl Person where to take a picture. WE tell her the best angles and the best spots. We show her what’s she’s needed to realize for all of these years. We are better photographers. We just can’t hold a camera. And we don’t like selfies.

As you can see, in picture number one, Girl Person told us where to stand. Mediocre at best.

In picture number two, look at the lighting. The angle. The overall sense of beauty and serenity all rolled into one.

Yes. Sometimes we know that we can do a great job. But we are too scared to try. If we get stuck in a job that we don’t particularly like, we probably won’t do the best job at it. But when we recognize our skills and abilities and combine it with something we love, it will be a success! There’s no doubt about it.


So if you’re feeling like you’d like to start posing in the perfect picture of your life, it’s time to start. Find your perfect setting. Feel it. Work it!

It’s up to you. It’s a treat to do what you love. Believe us.

Digby Pancake

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