The Tail Of Ernie And Levi, The 2 Traveling Dogs

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Once upon a time, in two different animal shelters, lived two very different dogs. Their names were Ernie and Levi.

Ernie and Levi spent their days waiting. Waiting to eat. Waiting to go outside. Waiting for someone! Anyone! But they didn’t know who they were waiting for! Day after day, people came. People left. Some people said hello. Hello! Some people kept walking. But they knew, they just knew, that one day their time would come when someone would pick them to go home! Wherever that was! So they watched every person who walked by their cage. They watched very carefully. So carefully.

One day, as Ernie was watching the kittens play and other puppies play at the shelter place, a Boy Person came to his cage and asked if him if he wanted to go for a walk! Ernie didn’t really want to go on a walk! But he did anyway. All Ernie wanted to do was sit outside and watch more kittens and watch more puppies and watch more people and attack tree roots.

That was so fun! Tree roots were the best. Plus, Boy Person didn’t really have anything interesting to say anyways! He kept playing and watching. But then the Boy Person told Ernie that he was going HOME to meet a Girl Person! And so he went! He was sure that they probably had tree roots there too. That was definitely interesting! They rode home in a yellow car and Ernie even tried to drive.

Ernie couldn’t wait to get there! Wherever this home place was! And later that day, when his Girl Person arrived at his new home, he knew right away that he would be her protector. Always!

Ernie thought his name would always be Ernie. But he didn’t really think he was an Ernie. So one day the persons were eating ice cream. The persons liked ice cream! And the persons liked Ernie’s coat colors. And his patterns reminded them of ice cream. The very best flavor! And so the persons decided to call him Peanut Butter Brickle. And that was that.

For days and days, Peanut Butter Brickle would play in an orange grove and watch things and people and birds and bugs.

But Brickle was lonely. And so one day, Girl Person went back to the shelter place. A dog named Levi had traveled there from another shelter. And he seemed very fun. Very fun indeed! He howled and he ran funny and his pictures made the persons laugh.

Girl Person went to meet Levi.

And right away, Levi decided he liked her purse. He liked her purse very much! But a wet purse didn’t stop the fun.

Girl Person asked if she could adopt Levi. She did! And the shelter persons said he had just got out of the hospital, but he would probably always have some pancakes back there. But he could still go HOME! So Levi came home.

Levi ran in the door and turned the sprinklers on inside everywhere like on the purse! This was Peanut Butter Brickle’s new brother. But Levi just didn’t seem to fit. So the persons changed Levi’s name. His new name was now Digby Pancake for his pancakes. And he loved pancakes too. That worked! And that was sweet. Very sweet indeed.

For days and months and years, Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake became the best of friends.

They became family.

And they played and they ate dinner together and they rode around in their yellow car together.

And then one day, the persons told them it was time to go on an adventure! They packed up all their stuff and their toys and their beds and they took it all to a different place.

And then in a year, they did it all again. And then later, they did it again.

They sure did move a lot. But the persons told them even though they would be moving again, this time, they couldn’t take all their stuff with them. There wasn’t much room in their new house. Because their new house had wheels! And the persons told Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake that home would now be wherever they parked it. And that sounded fun! Very fun indeed!

Brickle and Digby learned to travel and they found out they would be in a new place almost every week.

They met new people and new friends and they even went to visit others at animal shelters. For days and months and years, a picnic table, a grill and their beds at a new campsite meant they were home. At least for a little while.

One day, Peanut Butter Brickle asked his brother Digby Pancake if he really knew why they traveled so much.

Digby Pancake was busy eating pancakes with lots of maple syrup, but he knew the answer. Digby Pancake told Peanut Butter Brickle that since nice people had saved their lives and taken them to a shelter place for others to find them and adopt them, it was only nice to try and thank them.

Digby didn’t remember the names of the people at his shelter place who found him. And Brickle didn’t remember who found him and his other brother and sister. So they decided it was their job to thank all the people helping animals.

They would thank the ones at shelter jails, the ones at rescues, the ones helping stray animals too. Then they would thank the fosters, the adopters and all the nice people who treated their animals like family.

Everyone who loved animals.

Digby Pancake said that thanking people was good. But showing the fun they had after being rescued was fun too.

Brickle said that was no problem. They would show their fun traveling and hiking and living life. And so they did.

Ernie and Levi may have not always known what home meant. But they learned.

Just like persons can learn too. Brickle told Digby that persons can change. They can learn to be good to animals even if they’ve made mistakes in the past. And those people can help other people to be good to animals too.

Digby asked Brickle if all the animals in the shelters would get to go home one day. And Brickle told him they would keep trying. Because they were the 2 Traveling Dogs.

So every night, before they fell asleep, Girl Person would sing them a song in their house on wheels. And they liked it. Even though she wasn’t a very good singer.

Good night to all the people

Who help save lives

Sometimes it’s fun

But sometimes they cry.

They work so very hard

To do what they can

For all animals they cherish

In the water, in the sky and on land.

We thank them everyday

For all the love that they show

They set an example

Seeds of love they sow.

Make Rescues The Breed Of Choice

This is what they do

Whether there be many

Or whether there be few.

They’ll never give up

This we know

Thank you, rescuers

We hope our thanks we show.

And Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake lived happily ever after. Wherever they went.

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