Creamed Corn And Biscuits In The Woods

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Not everything is always how it appears. A walk in the woods may seem harmless. You may think that your biggest concerns are bears. Or snakes. Or getting lost. That’s usually how it is for us.

But Girl Person says that untold mysteries and pitfalls awaited us on our walk in the woods this weekend by the name of creamed corn…

And also. Biscuits. With butter, I might add.

If there is anything edible to found, or even something I can figure out how to eat which normally would be overlooked, well, I’ll find it.

And as we walked thru the woods hoping to see some waterfalls, I was on the trail. I smelled it far ahead. I sensed the buffet awaiting me.

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Girl Person did not suspect a thing. And Brickle was too busy worrying about the bears. I saw it coming. Closer and closer. Yet, I could not have imagined its full glory. Not even in a dream. There on the ground were piles of creamed corn and biscuits. With butter. And it was thrown about like a busted piñata as far as the eyes could see.

There was no hiding this treasure from anyone anymore. But since the buffet was aplenty, I could not be stopped. I gulped a bite here. I gulped a bite there. Brickle grabbed a biscuit. I grabbed another. I couldn’t have asked for a better biscuit. And even though my middle name is Pancake, I embraced the biscuit life for but a moment.

If you can picture Girl Person trying to pull us away from the buffet at the same time trying to figure out who dumped all this out in the woods and why, you might imagine her puzzled face. You might imagine her horror. You might imagine her slipping in the creamed corn and landing on a pile of biscuits. And what you imagine would be true.

Did we get to eat all the treasure? No. Do we know why it was there? Definitely no. But all I can say is that for all of my life, I will keep this memory as hope that I will find another treasure again.

Will I find a pancake buffet with bacon? Will Brickle find an ice cream and peanut butter cookie extravaganza?

We will always have hope. What are you looking for in life? Do you think it’s impossible to find happiness?

Never give up hope. During your search, you may stumble upon treasures you would never imagine. You may wonder how life can taste so good. Because if we can find creamed corn and biscuits, you can find what you’re looking for too.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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