I Like Pina Coladas. I Don’t Like Getting Caught In The Rain

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh. Life. One day you are baking in the Florida place sunshiney. Then, you are freezing your fur off in that Pennsylvania place. Then, you are floating away in that West Virginia and Virginia without a West place. Or maybe that’s just us.

Yes. If variety is the spice of life, maybe that’s why I’m so spicy.

But when we pulled into this Virginia place after almost running out of fuel, and it started raining after driving for hours and hours? Well. I wasn’t thrilled.

The persons certainly had had better days. We almost ran out of fuel and we really don’t know exactly how much we have. Due to a broken fuel gauge. Or maybe we are just always full. Like Digby’s stomach.

Girl Person tried to keep a positive attitude as she gave us our dinner. And as Boy Person tried to beat the deluge about to pour down, as he took off jogging, Girl Person yelled out, “spaghetti or nachos for dinner?!” But he just said whatever! And so we had the ingredients for whatever. But you see, spaghetti or nachos is a guide on moving day.

If it’s an easy day, comforting spaghetti is ok. But a not easy day? For Boy Person, well, that calls for his favorite. Nachos.

As we took our walk, it looked like maybe the rain would hold off. But not for long. As Boy Person stayed true to his fitness, down came the rain. Down came the rain ‘s cousin. And down came the rain’s whole family.

We were happy to be inside. And as Boy Person opened the door, three words were said by Girl Person. ” Nachos it is.”

I do hear that some people don’t mind the rain.

In fact, the tent camper next to us sat outside and put his feet up. Like he was happy about it. The other tent campers? They were laughing about their indoor swimming pool.

And I wondered. What makes some laugh at inconveniences? What makes some see humor? What makes some like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? And some SO NOT like that?

I would say that the individuals who like it all, whether that be all seasons or see the good in all makes them more happy. Like Digby.

Being dependent on happiness based on just one scenario can be disappointing. Because sometimes, when that scenario actually happens, maybe it’s not as good as they thought.

It’s ok to have preferences. That’s what makes life different for us all, and when we meld together, it’s a beautiful work of art.

So even though I like pina coladas and I don’t like getting caught in the rain, I won’t rain on someone else’s day when they are enjoying it.

We can all learn from each other and take each other’s good qualities as something to work towards. But since it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, I’ll take that pina colada.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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