So Into You

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today, we leave one of the prettiest and tinniest places to be in fall. Goodbye New Jersey and New York places. We will miss you more than you know.

Not many persons think of how beautiful these two states are.

They may not know about the farms and countrysides and the pride that people have here in their homes and yards.

It’s a feast for the eyes and for the bellies!

But we hear it’s about to start getting cold pretty soon, and well, we gotta head south! The Big Blue Treat Wagon is not too partial to snow!

Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when you meet someone and you like them even more than you thought that you would? That’s how I felt about New Jersey and New York. I like everyone pretty much. That’s true. But not everyone is like me. Brickle…did I say that out loud?

Sometimes, someone has a sort of reputation. Sometimes, they are misunderstood. Sometimes, they are shy. Sometimes, that’s not fair. All the time, that’s not fair. We should always make up our own minds about someone. And not take other opinions as fact. Because opinions are never fact. Dig deep. Ask your own questions. Think for yourself.

If we listen to others, we may be losing out on knowing someone that could have been a part of our lives.

Travel opens our minds and also our hearts. We can never truly know a place or a person unless we meet them. Do you have preconceived ideas that are not valid? The next time you think you know, go. Go find out for yourself!

You may still have your best friend or your favorite place to meet! Someone may have wrong ideas about you. Wouldn’t it be fun to change their mind? Wouldn’t they love you if they knew you? They would! They would be so into you!

We say goodbye to New Jersey and New York today. But we carry many apples with us to remember you by.

We are attempting to make it to that Pennsylvania place again today to head further south. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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