The Magic Forest

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days are magic. Like when you wake up and the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Some days are not so magic…like yesterday in this Florida place. It rained for a whole day and never stopped. It was so cold and muddy that I thought we would all turn into snowmen. If there was snow. And if we were men.

But as we took a walk in the rain, because that is what we do, we happened upon a magical place.

Even though it was raining, the trees blocked out most of it so that it only trickled a little bit.

And we sat there. And we looked. And we listened. And it felt like we were nowhere else but there. And that was an important feeling. When was the last time you had a feeling like that?

It’s easy to get sidetracked. We can be one place, and thinking about another. We can be talking to someone, but only thinking about what we are going to say next. And it’s rare when you can be somewhere and only there. And this was the magical place in the forest.

Even though we can had never been there before, it felt like an old friend.

Like those friends you have that you can just sit in a room and not say a word, but feel love. You know what the other is saying. And we could hear the forest. It was telling us that it was a protection. Not only from the rain. But a protection from the outside world that had so much commotion. So much to distract. The trees spoke of their branches weighed down with ferns. They loved their style and their green, green arms.

The ferns spoke of their birds and their frequent spider inhabitants. The spiders spoke of their webs and their work of spinning. And all of them sang a song together. Only they could hear it. And yet they said of others listened, they would hear their own song. They were just the instruments.

So much so, that the magic almost made my bad attitude go away. Almost. Because as much as the magic of the first can help you hear life, it breathes life into you. It make you feel like you. Because there is only being in the moment in a magic forest. And there are no tricks to that.

So find your magic forest today. Be still. Listen. Find your peace. You had it once. It’s an old friend.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

3 thoughts on “The Magic Forest

  1. Theresa Bates

    My brother owns a vacation/rental cabin on 75 wooded acres about 3 hours away from here. Due to her medical issues, my mom was told by the doctor that she could no longer take trips over to those peaceful woods. Amazingly, after she fell and broke her hip, once she had finished her physical therapy, she was so improved in all aspects of her health, that last week the doctor gave her to all-clear to go there. So, she is looking forward to spending time in the forest when the weather is a little warmer. We will ride around the trails on a golf cart because she can’t walk too far, even with her walker, but she can ride in the golf cart. Some walking with the walker as we reach quiet spots. We will go when the iris are in bloom, and we’ll drive around on Iris Lane, named for her and lined with Iris. Today, Brickle, you made me start to look forward to taking that trip.

  2. barbara Sevrens

    Thank u for those beautiful nature pictures. Makes me feel safe and peaceful. Take time to rest be in the presence of God’s handiwork. Songs were old school when I was a kid. Happy Monday to you all. Xoxo

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