Grape Pie And Waterfalls

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. Can you believe…can you truly believe…how every day has a new surprise? I can’t believe it either.

But it also amazes me that some persons don’t open the surprises they receive every day!

Unless you’re the smartest person in the world, like Brickle, you have something to learn every day!

Yesterday, it was raining and cold in this New York place. We could have stayed inside all day. But instead, we decided to drive to another waterfall and learn about it.

As long as there is water falling from the sky, you might as well look at it falling over a rock as well!

And as we hiked a small trail to that waterfall, we felt like we were opening another present! Because we were.

Our eyes had never seen that waterfall. Our paws had never walked that trail. It was new. And wonderful.

Then, as we drove to pick up some food for dinner, we passed a sign that said Grape Pies! Girl Person gasped! She had not heard of grape pies.

And so we found some Concord grapes for her to make one. Even though Brickle and I can’t have grapes, I know it will be a treat to watch the persons enjoy it.

Do you notice the grape pies and waterfalls in your day?

Do you accept the presents before you or do you waste them? On your not so good days, wouldn’t you wish for a grape pie or a waterfall?

So why do you pass up wonderful gifts on the good days?

We all have excuses to notice the bad things and the bad news. Don’t get caught up in complaining. Don’t get caught up in negativity. Leave that.

Open your presents and eat the grape pie. Gaze at that waterfall.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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