When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What are you sure of today? That the sun will come up?

Are you sure that the moon will shine at night?

Me and Digby are usually sure that we will go on some kind of walk or hike every day.

But even on the same hike, we never know what we will find. It is certainly certain that anything is possible on a new day. A new hike.

But lately, many persons are scared about uncertainty instead of being excited about the unknown. You see, this year has been hard. This year was full of questions. Uncertainty. Being scared.

You were nervous. Yes, even us dogs felt it because we were trying to help you.

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So what happens when the possibilities of a new day are forgotten? We only focus on the negativity. But what are we missing? That when nothing in this world is certain, anything is possible! Even good things!

If none of us had hope, what would we have? Nothing. We never truly know if the sun will come out. Or if the moon will shine. But we hope they will.

And they haven’t let us down yet.

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Sometimes Girl Person fights the Depression Monster. Sometimes, our whole family does. But making plans for the future helps. Even if we aren’t sure if our plans can or will happen, making strides towards our goals is still fun. If you’re putting off living until it feels back to normal, that’s a day wasted. Fill it with what you can.

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Believe in tomorrow. Believe in the possibilities of good things to come.

Think of good things that happen every day!

We may be just a small part of the world. But our world is amazing.

There are better times ahead. Look forward to that. Imagine that. Imagine the possibilities.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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