When The Pot Spills Over

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  What do you have to do today?  How much is on your plate?  How much is in your pot?


Girl Person seems to have been busier than usual lately.  She says she has so much to do and can’t keep track of everything.  She says even her lists seem overwhelming. She says there are things she is supposed to check off.  But she just keeps adding to it instead of completing anything.

Sometimes it takes something dramatic to make us stop and see that we are not doing as good as we think.  So as Girl Person was making breakfast, washing dishes, checking emails and talking to Boy Person about finding a truck, she filled up a pot with water.  Instead of watching the pot, she walked away and started doing something else.   And then…then…that pot?  Well, you guessed it. It runneth over.

Boy Person saved the day, saving it from going everywhere.  Girl Person wondered what in the world she was thinking.  And Boy Person said she needed to add yet something else to her list.  Slow down. Stop.  She was doing too much. It’s like she was in a race or something.

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Now, Girl Person isn’t one to admit much that she can’t do it all.  But the pot? It was a wakeup to her.  She realized how much she thought she was accomplishing.  But instead of doing things well, she was just doing.  And not doing anything to the best of her abilities.  

Because when we don’t slow down and do our best instead of doing the most, we have to do stuff over anyway.


We can fill our days with lists and chores and things we think we have to do.  But who are we trying to impress?  

Who are we trying to show that we can do it all?  No one can.  No one can do it all. And why would we want to?

Why do persons have to make life harder for themselves? Take it easy!

Enjoying life is hard when you can’t slow down to live it.  

Instead of trying to make a fancy meal, maybe make one dish really good!  Enjoy it! Savor it! Instead of trying to please everyone, why not try to take care of ourselves for a day?  

Taking care of ourselves may not mean a day at the spa.  It may just be taking an hour to do nothing if we want.  

Sounds easy.  But for some, it is not.



It’s not till something dramatic happens in our life that often we realize the error of our ways.  Watch your pots.  Enjoy what the day offers.

Don’t make a list you can’t keep.  Instead, keep a promise to yourself to slow down. Don’t let that pot runneth over.  It’s a mess.

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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