Smooth Jazz And Brickle

This is Digby Pancake. What is the last thought you have every night before you drift off to happy dreamland?

My last thought is appreciation for all do the food I ate. And all of the food I will eat the next day. It’s a very good thought.

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But for the persons, they have a little bit more of a hard time winding down. They think about all of the things they should have done, could have done and need to do the next day.

And so Girl Person said last night that she needed to quit worrying. She needed to quit thinking. And she said she needed some smooth jazz and Brickle.

Now, on any day, my happiness and positive attitude can make any day better. But I’m more of a retro pop kinda guy.

At times, however, I let my happiness take a floor seat to Brickle.

Sometimes, because it is so rare, smooth jazz and Brickle combined on the couch with Girl Person can make her stop worrying for a bit.

Because when Brickle and smooth jazz go together, getting to happy dreamland seems easier. A smoother ride. A jazzy ride.


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When Brickle is relaxed, he melts into the couch. He lets you pet him. He is nice. This is a very special occasion.

Then when you add the smooth jazz, all is right in the world. Your worries seem to melt away. Your troubles melt like butter. Your problems fade away with the sounds of a trombone.

If you’ve never tried this combination of smooth jazz and Brickle, you can try a combination of you own.

Maybe your combination of trouble free thoughts start with a fancy meal and Italian opera.

Maybe your combination of worry free sleep starts with a an apple pie and Billy Joel.

Or maybe your combination of stressless sleep starts with breakfast for dinner and a jitterbug.

Whatever gets you to relax, don’t overthink it. Embrace it. We all have different problems. Which makes our different tastes in food and music special. What’s your combination?

Make it as lovely as smooth jazz and Brickle.

We are back on the road today. Headed to Unicoi State Park in this Georgia place.

-Digby Pancake

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