This Moment To Music

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. What’s your favorite song? I have one.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle has one too.

What is yours? I like music and songs and the time spent listening to them. In fact, one of the reasons I like music so much is that when you are listening to it, you are in that moment.

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You feel it, you taste the emotions. It’s particularly wonderful if it’s a pancake jingle.

And experiences in life should be like that too. When you are traveling, each place has a song and a story to tell. Like here where we are staying in South Carolina called Poinsett State Park. The park got its name from a man named Joel Poinsett who traveled to Mexico and mailed back samples of a red plant to America. Later, this plant was called the Poinsettia.

The park has an old mill and waterfall and trails and beautiful things that are like music to the eyes.

And Brickle says when he is here too, it’s like a concert.

Even though the campground had difficult roads to drive on, and the raining walnuts woke us up, we had such a good time here. I’ve come to know that the best songs are ones you didn’t expect to love so much.

Girl Person said her favorite moment this past week was when I got to see a creek for the first time in a long time. When she started crying, she said it was because she had pictured this moment since I got sick in May. And I’ve never understood that about persons. They cry when they are sad. They cry when they are happy. I say eat pancakes when you are sad. Eat pancakes when you are happy. And turn on the music.

If memories are what persons hold on to, what about moments? Moments are meant to be lived. Sure. It’s nice to remember. But it’s even nicer to actually appreciate something the moment it happens. I know I feel that way. I remember places we’ve been and sights we have seen.

But the best music and songs are the moments new and fresh and right then. I have been in creeks before. But the creek here was the sweetest because I was hearing it then. There is no substitute for now.

South Carolina is special. It is simplicity in beauty and relaxing. I could have spent hours just looking and listening to the woods. And I did. Oh, what a wonderful song. I missed it so much.

If you make up your mind to truly listen to the music playing in the moment, you won’t be able to focus on the past. We may have the future to look forward to. But I’ll listen to the moment now.

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2 thoughts on “This Moment To Music

  1. Sharon

    Wow. My son just asked yesterday what that red flower was that people passed out to wear on your lapel for remembrance of Veterans! Thanks for the lesson! I told him poppy ! Very similar. And I hadn’t seen the video to your so vain in years!!!!

  2. barbara sevrens

    Beautiful story and. Pictures of your story. I’ll never get there so its nice for you sharing this with us. Have a blessed weekend

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