The Lesson Of The Tower In The Woods

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s been a week of walking.  Napping.  Being cold.  Trying to stay warm.  Trying to eat as many pancakes as possible.  Oh, what a week.  But our family being all back together after the persons’ vacation made me realize that a week can make a big difference.  A week can be filled with goals met, tasks accomplished and plans realized.  Or it can be a week of nothing getting done, naps and thinking about all of the things that you think that you should have got done.  I prefer the latter.  But Sheriff Brickle says that in order to move ahead in life, you have to keep trying to climb.  You have to keep trying to get higher.  You have to look for that tower.  And we found it.  The tower in the woods.


We have hiked in many places.  Some places have destinations to reach along the way or at the end of the trail like waterfalls or pretty views.  But some hikes are simply there to be walked and traveled on.  For those trails, it is more about the journey than the destination.  But yesterday, as we traveled upon a trail we had been on many times, we went a little further.  And there in the distance we saw it.  The tower in the woods.


Now, if you know me and you know my short legs, you know those legs don’t like stairs.  You know that this butt didn’t get so cute by doing a jazzercise class. 

So I made the conscious decision right off that i would not be climbing those stairs  NO way.  No how.  


But for Sheriff Brickle, he decided that stairs were his invitation to new heights, new views.  And I was a little confused at this.  We had been to this park before.  Even before we camped here this time.  The views were no different than yesterday or even a year before.  So why did he want to climb the tower I wondered? What was up there?


Well, Brickle started walking up the stairs. Girl Person took off his leash and told him to go and that she would stay with me.  We would be in hearing distance of him and the tower was enclosed on all sides.  It would be up to him how far he went.  Girl Person said that all of us need a little confidence.  And he deserved to see how high he wanted to go.  The tower was going to take him to new heights in self esteem. Like he really needed it.

So as he went up the first flight of stairs, I saw him look back.  I thought for a second of joining him but then thought of breakfast and decided I would wait.  I could see him look back and he went up a second flight of stairs.  Right about now, I saw Girl Person’s face and saw her questioning her decision on whether she should have let him go.  I would say she is a bit overprotective of us.  Not sure why except for all the times we tried to run away or hide.  No, I am not sure why.  But if you know Brickle and you know Girl Person, you know that they can read each other’s thoughts.  And Brickle stopped.  Girl Person called to him to come down if he wanted, but he froze.  He slipped a little on nothing and then wouldn’t move at all.  Girl Person told me to wait, tied me to a rail and went to get him.  You see, the tower may have been built to climb, but it was also built to test whether you wanted to climb.

Brickle came down, and his look spelled a little more confidence.  But it also spelled a future date with the tower.  You see, we may want to climb, but maybe halfway to our goal, we freeze.  Maybe we think that the end reward won’t be worth it.  I asked Brickle why he wanted to go to the top to look at things we had already seen before.  How was that worth climbing all of those stairs?

Brickle said that sometimes, it isn’t about seeing something new, but seeing something in a new way.  Like when he looks at himself in different angles in different mirrors.


Goals in life may lead us back to the same place.  But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the journey back there.  So as we keep trying to decide our next steps…whether that be Italy or somewhere else, stay with us.  Keep climbing with us, won’t you? Let’s keep pusing forward and see where this goes.  We can do it!

Let’s see what we find at the top when we finally get there.  The lesson of the tower in the woods is that every step, every breath on the way up will be hard.  And if we need to come back down for awhile, we can.  But the next time, take a few more steps and don’t forget to enjoy the view when you get to the top.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Karen Hampton

    I’m SO with Brickle on this….I am not a fan of high places…but I love flying….crazy, huh? Feet & paws made for Terra Firma!👍🏼😁🐕💟

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