Until You Come Back To Me, That’s What I’m Gonna Do

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some things are worth revisiting.  Like that second trip to the pancake buffet bar.


For Sheriff Brickle, that second look in the mirror is worth revisiting. Or his third look.  Or his tenth look.


For Jax, its another ride on the RV dashboard.  He can’t seem to get enough of this new traveling gig.

And for us, another trip to this North Carolina place was definitely a good thing. It has been awhile since we were here on the Adventure Of A Lifetime.

I love the smells of North Carolina.  The grass, the fresh air, the rivers and the mountains.  But all of that seemed like a dream to me before we left that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina place yesterday morning.


Because we were pretty much certain that the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV was not going to make it.

Sometimes, you can only prepare so much and worry so much before you realize that you just have to try.  When I say that, I mean the persons and Brickle.  I don’t ever worry unless my dinner is late. And as much as we liked that South Carolina place, it was time to say goodbye to the land of the giant mosquitos.  I don’t like to say that I don’t like something. But mosquitos?  I respect the part you play in nature. But I don’t respect all the bites on our butts. No. I don’t at all.

Girl Person went to the parts store before we left in the morning and she made sure that we had our eggies for breakfast. Boy Person packed up all our stuff.  We finally got on the road after getting more fuel and eating more snacks.  Boy Person kept an eye on all the buttons he keeps an eye on.  And we drove and drove, not stopping, because if we did, we were afraid we might not start again.  Some may think we are a bit foolish to keep on…the Big Blue Treat Wagon might just agree.

But as we drove and drove, we finally got to that North Carolina place. We. Were. Back. It’s like North Carolina was waiting for us and the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you miss something until you come back to it.  It’s like just when I think I can’t love a pancake more, I see it again, and it’s like falling in love all over again.  North Carolina is definitely one of my favorite places I think.  I didn’t know it until now.


Girl Person says it is alright to have favorites in life.  It’s alright to like something more than something else. It is what makes us all different, and the earth has a a favorite place for everyone.  We couldn’t all be in the same place, now could we?  We couldn’t all have the same favorite place, now could we? Just like there isn’t enough room for Sheriff Brickle’s love of himself in every place, there isn’t enough room for my love of pancakes. So as we explore this part of North Carolina this week, I know that I will find new smells, new trails and even more new adventures.  We might just meet a few rescue furkids on the road too.  And then, I will save up all my new favorites to a time when I can come back again.  Life is a never ending journey. At least for us!

The Big Blue Treat Wagon got us here safe again. When we got here, it didn’t even matter  that we only have electricity and no water for the next week.  But hey.  We have prison showers that are cold.  And that is better than no showers at all.  Because you see, it’s all about perspective.  The things that you think matter are often the ones that most certainly don’t.  The most important part of our day was getting here. So North Carolina place?  It’s good to be back. Let’s do this. After a nap. And a cold shower.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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