The Outer Banks SPCA, Manteo, North Carolina


This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  And this week, I want to tell you about my new friends at the Outer Banks SPCA in Manteo, North Carolina.  This was the organization we picked for our Adventure Of A Lifetime for North Carolina.

As you can see, Deputy Digby Pancake and I had to work in the office while Girl Person and Boy Person were touring their pawsome place. You can also see that Digby was trying to scare away potential adopters with his howling.  Nope, he isn’t getting paid for his time after that.  We got to hang out with their Cat Manager.  Yes, I said Cat Manager.  She rocked. She didn’t even tell Digby to be quiet.  I wish she would have.

So. Anyway, back to business.  Who are the good people at the Outer Banks SPCA? Their website explains:

“Welcome to the Outer Banks SPCA, the proud operators of the Dare County Animal Shelter serving the Outer Banks region of North Carolina.The Outer Banks S.P.C.A. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation which staffs and manages the Dare County Animal Shelter. The Outer Banks S.P.C.A. provides a loving environment and temporary housing for lost, stray, or unwanted domestic animals in Dare County.

Not only are we an animal shelter, we also provide humane education, animal adoption as well as humane law enforcement services to Dare County.”.

That is the official definition of who they are and what they do. The unofficial definition? These are some of the greatest and most caring people we have ever met.  When we first arranged a visit here, we were a bit nervous to tell you the truth.  Visiting county shelters aren’t what you would call a fun time usually.  We were prepared to have broken hearts and feel down after we left.  In fact, the opposite happened.


We literally knew right away that these were people who all worked together for the good of this community, its animals and its residents.  They were organized and caring, laid back yet focused.  The shelter’s director, John Graves is what you would call, well, amazing.



John and his wife Kayleigh, who is a shelter volunteer, took us on a inside tour of their facility. The joy they showed in the goals they have together was inspiring.  Wait till you see our interview below…




We met the dogs, heard their stories, and yes, this week we shared some of them on our Facebook page.  Their list of adoptables by the way can be found at You can also check out their Facebook page.

They showed us how volunteers make a difference here in a big way.  From taking dogs on walks, to taking them for field trip days and even having weekend sleepovers.  When we were there, we saw numerous people coming in to play ball and spend time with these animals.  It touched us so much. Yes, even me, a Sheriff.


They showed us their behavior assessment area where they see how dogs react to certain stimuli.  As Sheriff, I am very familiar with this technique. But I wasn’t expecting to meet Rowdy, their test dog.  Seriously, he didn’t fool me.  Digby on the other hand..


They were excited to tell us about a program where kids can come in and read to the cats and dogs.  Their bookshelf has just started, but we know they are going to get some great books! As Sheriff, I am ordering you to check out what they need! They deserve so much.  Find out how to donate, even supplies they need and their Amazon Wishlist at



It’s not often that I get emotional. I am a Sheriff and I am usually all about business.  But when you see that there are actually good people in this world who are trying their best to make a difference, you kinda get choked up.  Like when I eat too many peanut butter cookies.  This community is so very fortunate to have these good people on their side, and of course the animals too.  We hope that you will check them out on their website,  Tell them how much you appreciate what they do, donate if you can in some way, and “like” their Facebook page.  As we always say, doing something makes a difference.  Do your something today! Thank you the Outer Banks SPCA and all of your staff for letting us visit, but inspiring us to continue our trip and our mission. Digby thanks you for the back rubs, and I as Sheriff have been told I can get a kitten after our trip.


-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Thank you to our companies who donated items to the Outer Banks SPCA. Your Dog’s Diner, SqueakNSnap, 4-Legger and Bowser Beer.