Take The Wheel, Jax. Take The Wheel.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Welcome to Charleston, South Carolina.  Again.  Seems like we have been here before.  But complainers waste time complaining, and I see nothing to complain about actually.  South Carolina has nice people, good pancakes and pretty stuff to look at besides Brickle.  He told me to say that.

But it was not without drama that we made it here to camp.  You see, the rain started pouring down Friday in that Savannah, Georgia place like you would not believe.  Actually, maybe you do believe it, because it is well known we bring rain with us wherever we go.

Even though we had camping reservations, we decided to talk about whether we should try to leave in the rain and drive in it, or stay, loose money, yet be safer.  I sleep the whole time we are driving, so I didn’t have that much of an opinion.  Sheriff Brickle never wants to drive, so his opinion was void. And so, the decision was left up to Colonel Jax.  And well, Colonel Jax decided to hide the keys.

I was surprised at his boldness, being new to the family and his position.  It took me years to be able to assert my opinion on the rare occasion that I have one. Don’t every try to give me fake butter.  That I have an opinion on.

But Jax?  He told me that he was taking no chances on losing his family again. And that he was in charge of safety like I am in charge of pancakes.  And obviously, I am good at my job.  So I knew he would be good at his.  And well, even the Sheriff listened.  Sometimes, new coworkers can bring a new energy to a company.  A new attitude.

But sometimes, even when you leave a decision up to someone else because you don’t know what to do, you question that decision.  Even though if you wanted to make it, you should have done it in the first place.  So as we sat there in the rain, and the thunder struck, and the campground got flooded, we heard more dripping.  Inside the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  Yep. I woke up to see the leak in the ceiling, Boy Person climbed up on the roof in the rain, and he tried to fix it.  Jax seemed worried.  He was starting to guess if he should have even tried to help at all.  He wondered if his decision was wrong.  And he felt pretty bad about it.  I was feeling pretty bad for him too.

But what Jax didn’t know was that there was flooded roadways, so bad, that if we would have left as planned, we could have got caught in it and the roof still would have leaked.  You see, no decision is even worse than a wrong decision.  Because you didn’t even try.


And I think that Jax tried pretty hard for his first assignment.  And as Boy Person tried to fix the leaks, Girl Person tried to clean up, and I did my supervising with Sheriff Brickle being mad at everyone for the rain, because that is what he does best, Jax took a nap.  His first decision had taken a lot out of him.  And I get that too.  It is hard to know what to do sometimes in life.  But overthinking everything helps no one.  Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do.  And it’s a good thing that Jax doesn’t overthink.  His cotton brain probably couldn’t handle it.


So as we pulled out of camp finally on Saturday afternoon, we thanked Jax.  Since he had made such a good decision the day before, Boy Person even let him take the wheel as we pulled out of our campsite.  You see, he deserved a little treat.  Not because his decision had worked out, but because he was brave enough to make one in the first place.  He still would have deserved to take the wheel, even if we would have floated out of there.  He smiled ear to ear at all the praise and happiness that was filling the RV along with the rain water.  And he even got to share the front seat with the Sheriff.


For five minutes.

Now, as we plan our days ahead in Charleston, South Carolina, we have Jax to thank for getting us here.  It is nice to be back, and it is nice to be back with our new rescue dog, Jax.  Sheriff Brickle and I still have a lot to teach him, but maybe, just maybe, we are learning a little bit from him too.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Jax is a smart dog. Glad you didn’t leave in the rain. Hope you got the roof fixed and everyone is doing well. Have a wonderful day Xxxooo

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