Tails On The Trails

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Am I a sight for sore eyes, or what? Am I a breath of fresh air? Am I the light of your life? Did. You. Miss. Me.

As the bird, cat, fish and Deputy Digby told you, we are headed out again on more adventures Monday.  Yes, I am a bit bummed to leave my beach.  My happy place.  I can’t deny that.  This face don’t lie.


But I have to tell you.  I never thought that we would get to live right on the beach for almost six months.  I never thought that we could walk to the beach every morning and every night after dinner.  It has been so special to be here.  But as happy as I was here, I also knew the whole time that this was not Deputy Digby’s happy place.  Sure, he liked it ok.  Sometimes.  But Digby’s happy place is in the woods and on trails and in the mountains.  That’s ok.  Because we are so different, that makes life interesting.  And so the persons talked to me about it, and asked me if I minded if Deputy Digby got a few months in his happy place.  They told me that since we did such a good job on our last tour, that we each deserved some vacation time.  And so of course I said ok.  If we could come back perhaps.  The persons said that if our trails lead us back here, or around here, that will happen.  If not, it may be another beach.  And so if we are truly on this No Path Path, we won’t worry about any of that though.  Because this is going to be about the journey, letting go of maps and destinations and enjoying the ride.  If the Big Blue Treat Wagon can make it.


As excited as I am about the trip, I also needed to make known to the persons that they had an assignment.  Our last assignment of 48 states and 48 rescues was all about the people doing good things for animals.  So my suggestion was to make this path about the animals and hear their happy stories after being rescued!  So we are going to call it Tails On The Trails.  If you follow us on Instagram, you will use the hashtag #TailsOnTheTrails to find the pictures.


So that’s the news folks!  As Sheriff, allow me to summarize for you.  We will be leaving Jacksonville, Florida July 9th, then headed to Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, South Carolina, and then we will see after that.  We will be hitting some mountain trails for Digby, meeting rescues along the way, and we are going to enjoy this!  Unlike our last trip with schedules and deadlines, the No Path Path has none of that.  Just adventure, excitement, a few or many breakdowns again and love.  So won’t you join us? Let’s do this!  Watch live as we leave Monday on our Facebook page.  With tears in our eyes and anticipation in our hearts, we hope that this path will lead us further on the journey of happiness in life.

You see, we all realize that we do not have all the time that we want to with each other.  For the persons to make Digby and I happy and fulfilled, well…that is what is important to them now.  It’s always been about us, but even more so now.  So let’s have fun the rest of the year, see where this No Path Path takes us and where it does not.  That’s the beauty of this…besides my brindleness of course.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

Monday, we will have a special blog dedicated to our time here in Jacksonville, Florida and on Saturday’s Editorial, look for Girl Person’s blog on how she really feels about this. 

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2 thoughts on “Tails On The Trails

  1. Theresa Bates

    “No matter where you go, there you are.” And when you go there in a house on wheels, “all of you” is there. And ALL 4 of you ARE there. The next adventure begins. Adventure of a Lifetime, Part II. I’ve been with you since before you announced your big adventure over 2 years ago. I will be with you all the way once again. Let’s go! Let’s have some fun! Let’s learn what being rescued has meant to other animals that at one time had no hope. Spokesdogs for shelter pets, that’s what you are, and you’re doing such a great job. I wouldn’t miss this next journey for anything in the world. Oh, but first, maybe you should write some instructions for the people who move into “your” campsite. They need to know how to treat Scarlet, and that they can’t just park in that spot. They have duties and responsibilities to take good care of those you’re leaving behind.

  2. Terry Ray Dee Nikki

    So much love so much that it spills out and encompasses us all. Thank you for sharing. For allowing a vista of this world to others that don’t know this world. We hope to be able share

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