The No Path Path

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I bet that you have been missing me this week!  I know I have been missing me and I am right here.  Seems kinda strange not to write the dog blog everyday and let a bird, fish and cat take over.  But I guess we all need a change sometimes.  Yes.  Even me.

So, Khaleesi the cat broke it to you yesterday, I heard.  Yes! We are leaving this Florida place on Monday.  And she let you know that our new journey until the end of the year is called “The No Path Path”!  If there was ever anyone that did not stick to a path, that is me. And so I am really excited about this journey.  More excited than I have been in awhile.


You see, I have never thought about sticking to the path.  I always try to get off.  I always try to get lost and go deep into the woods.  I really don’t care where we go, as long as there is something to smell or roll on along the way.  I don’t care about tomorrow.  I care more about what I am doing.  Right then.  Since the persons got so tired of looking at houses that just didn’t seem to fit for us now, we thought, why not keep moving? If the Big Blue Treat Wagon can keep us for a little longer, and we can make sure it is happy too, maybe this is where our path was supposed to take us.  Even if we change our path for a bit, we heard that the trails and the paths will maybe lead us somewhere amazing.  If not, we can always turn around on the path.


So on Monday, we are headed towards some new trails, some new mountain paths.  The mountains are my happy place.  Sheriff Brickle has his own…the beach.  And the persons decided that since me and Brickle did such a good job on our 48 States, 48 Rescues tour, that it was our turn.  Our turn to each have some time in our happy places.  This was about us now.


As Khaleesi the cat told you, our first stop is Savannah, Georgia.  Then, Charleston, South Carolina.  Then we will pick another path to another place! The beauty of this No Path Path is that we can change our paths and just have some fun.  But this isn’t all there is to our new journey for the rest of the year.  We will have a few surprises and the persons have a new assignment. You know animal rescue is our mission.  And that will not be left out of this trip. But Sheriff Brickle will tell you all about that tomorrow.


For now, we hope that you will come along with us on more adventures, more fun and more life.


Sometimes, I get sidetracked and think I will never find anything stinky enough to roll in.  But I find something even better.  When life hands you detours and road blocks, you can either stop.  Or you can find a way around to your happy.  We continue to be thankful for the opportunity we have everyday of being together as a family and doing what we love.

We don’t need a house made out of stone or concrete or blocks to hold that love.  Our Big Blue Treat Wagon will do for now.  I am so excited!!!  We are ready to pack up and go!  Are you ready?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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