This Is The Path

This is Fruitycake. If you missed our big news yesterday, you can read it here and you can watch the video too.

I haven’t been to the places that Brickle and Digby went all of their lives.

I look at pictures of their travels and I’m really grateful that I can be included in traveling now.

I’m really grateful that I now know what animal rescue is and about the people who help animals. I’m glad that I was helped.

The persons tell me that living by example can help others to make changes too. And I hope persons see that a dog like me in the shelter can change your life and encourage you. I’m so happy about that chance.

I’m also very happy that our new adventures will be new to all of us. Moving to that Italy place will be new to Brickle too. And we get to experience it together. I’m very grateful and happy for that too. But when does the path to our new little house begin? Me and Brickle’s house? We will share a little bit each day. And so today…this is the path!

Yes. The path doesn’t look like many have walked it in a very long time. The path doesn’t look easy. And the path is a little long.

But in my opinion, and everyone needs a Fruity opinion, why not try to go up the path to your dreams? My dream is simple and it’s to be loved and with my family.

But if their dream is to get me and Brickle a little house in Italy, then that is now my dream too. I’m also dreaming about other things.

We want the ones we love the most to be happy. Because that means we will be happier.

The path we are on isn’t going to be easy. This weekend, we have to drive to that Miami, Florida place and Monday, the persons will ask some people if we can go to their country and live there.

We will explain more on Monday and take you with us throughout the day. That way, you can be involved in everything and know exactly what is happening. You will be on this path. You are on this path already.

I know everyone has many questions. And we will answer them all in time. But the most important part is that we safely and happily get there. Brickle and I included. Let’s get on this path!

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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