The Joyride

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. You already know that Sheriff Brickle and I love to go places.  Traveling is kind of our middle names.


We have so many names that I can’t keep up.  But we aren’t the only ones that love to travel.  Sometimes though, you don’t even have to have a destination to enjoy it.

Since I have been getting older than yesterday lately, I have seen a lot of things.  And I have met a lot of persons, young and old.  And there is something that I find a bit odd.

When we first started camping, I noticed that the child persons liked to ride around on bikes a lot.  Now, I don’t understand bikes.  If I only had two legs, I certainly still would not ride a bike.  There is no place to put my tail.

But you know, to each his own I suppose.  It doesn’t bother me that I may be viewed as odd with my culinary exploits and fondness for rolling in dead stuff.  So no judgement on the bikes.  I am just not up for that.  But after watching all of the child persons on them, I watched other campers too.


I started to notice the older persons getting on the same kind of bikes that the child persons did.  And I thought that was kind of crazy.  You had younger persons on bikes, enjoying the ride.  They loved their bikes. Their bikes were real special to them.

But I knew what would happen.  I have been around long enough now.

As the younger persons would live their life, go to jobs, have families of their own and work harder and harder, they would work their hardest to get back on those bikes that they had to put away.  Yep. Instead of riding them all their lives, they would put them up to work, but then long for the day that they could get back on them.  Their joyrides were too far in-between.


And as all dogs do, we try to tell the persons that life is meant to be lived good…all your days.  If you try to fill your life with too much stuff, or too much work and less time for joyrides that you want to take, the day may come when you can’t ride anymore.

For the older persons, I do know this too, because I am barking from experience.  You are the same person that you were at five that you are at a million and five, if that was such an age.

We don’t ever change who is in our heart.  We just try to fill our heart with stuff that doesn’t matter.  But if you remember who you are, and how much you loved that bike, you will always be young at heart.

I say that if we are young at heart, there is a chance that we can be better.  We can be happier.  We can ride that bike better.  But until they build a tail holder, I’m out.  I’ll just watch.  So make it worth my while.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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4 thoughts on “The Joyride

  1. Theresa Bates

    Digby, if it helps… my son is 45. He lives in Japan, a country where people of all ages can be seen riding bikes every day. Even grown up persons on their way to work. He has lived in Japan 14 years, and has never needed a car there. He rides his bike to work, even in bad weather. He just puts on the right gear to protect him from the rain or cold or, sometimes, even a little snow or ice. If it’s really bad, though, he walks 1 minute down the hill from his apartment and rides a bus to the subway station, then the subway to work (he teaches English and coaches debate in a private girls high school.) He bought his son a bike for his birthday last year, too. Maybe they will ride together soon.

  2. Barbara Sevrens

    Thanks for sharing. Be young at heart. Get into a bike seat and let someone else ride the bike. Have a fabulous weekend. Love you xxxooo

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