Are You A Chickadee Or Are You A Thrasher?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week.  You wake up one day and you are in Savannah, Georgia looking at pretty trees and eating peaches.  And you wonder, if you are like me, if everyone enjoys their days like I do.

I don’t have a lot to do on an agenda every day.  Sure, I help the persons with their work. But I actually have a lot of time to watch stuff.  That is Sheriff Brickle’s favorite thing to do of all time and any time, and I think that I have finally caught on to what is so great about it.  And I realized it in a loud way here with all of the birds.

I have heard that some people do something called bird watching.  I am not sure why persons always have to have a name for everything.  I was just sitting outside and there were birds there and I saw them.  But for persons, they have to make an actual event of it.  They have to set time aside to enjoy birds, when in actuality, they are singing around them every day.  Like the Chickadee.  Or as I like to call it, the Chickadee-dee-dee.

I met the Chickadee-dee-dee here in this Georgia place.  It doesn’t like to travel far.  It spends most time here.  The Chickadee-dee-dee doesn’t know a lot of songs, but the songs that it does know, they are masters at singing them.  The Chickadee-dee-dee is small in size, like about the size of a pancake. You won’t believe this.  But the Chickadee-dee-dee gets 30% smarter at certain times.  What happens is that they hide all these seeds and food for the winter, and they have to get smarter so that they remember where they hid them!  I wish they would also hide some pancakes.

The Chickadee-dee-dee is just one of the birds I met.  I also met the state bird of Georgia.  The Brown Thrasher.  As you might guess, he thrashes around a lot.

The Brown Thrasher sings a lot, lot, lot of songs.  In fact, I was told that it is believed he knows more songs than any other North American bird. As many as a thousand! He likes to feed on the ground and he doesn’t like to really socialize that much.  His name comes from the thrashing sound he makes when digging through stuff on the ground and how he hits his food or bugs.  Seems to me like he has a lot of anger issues.  He should talk to Brickle.  They kinda look alike too.

All of these birds got me to thinking.  I was kinda like the Chickadee-dee-dee.  I love food, I am sweet and I don’t know many barks, but the ones I do sound pretty sweet. Then you have the Brown Thrasher who likes to be by himself and is quite vocal and seems to be full of himself.  Yeah, that is Brickle.  Let’s not even mention how he likes to smash peanuts.

Everything in nature has a lesson for us, I have found.  How do I know this?  Because I have watched.  I have listened.  There are things around us every day like the birds.  But how many times do you actually hear them?  You have to be in silence sometimes to truly experience a moment.  You can’t be on your phone or even reading a book.  You see, it is a trait lost by persons that us dogs have.  The ability to just be.  The ability to actually see and hear what is around us.


You may think that you are being lazy when you aren’t working every second or texting every second.  You may wonder what you need to watch on TV or what bad news you can learn.  But actually something like listening to the birds takes much more work on your part.  Because you have to put aside everything else and let that everything else go.  If only for but a moment.

What can you learn from the Chickadee and the Thrasher? That all of us have different abilities, we all look different and yet, we all make the world a better place.  Now, it is up to you to see that world. Don’t miss it.  Georgia place? Thank you for reminding us of that.

Today, we are watching the weather and may be headed to Charleston, South Carolina.  Stay tuned as we navigate thru the storms or not!  Updates today on our Facebook page and our exclusive group page.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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