A Day In Life

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Some days are worth mentioning.  Some days are not worth mentioning.  Yesterday was one of those days which was both.

The day started out like any other day.  We took a short hike because it was warm outside and we came in for breakfast.  Digby took a treat, and I had one too.  But all of a sudden, he started shivering and trembling.  Digby gets little shakes here and there.  Girl Person says it’s what happens when we all get older.  But this was not normal.


It’s hard to know what to do when someone doesn’t feel good.  It is very hard for me to watch the persons be upset and Digby feel bad.  He was in a lot of pain.  And I will admit as a Sheriff that I don’t always know what to do.  And if I don’t, well, the persons certainly don’t.  They tried to look up stuff online.  They talked to other persons.  But you can only look and talk so much before you realize that you just have to help someone out of pain.  And so we called a vet person and they told us to come, even though we had never been there before.  So we loaded up Digby and took him.  If I could have drove us in the cop car I deserve, we certainly could have got there faster.  But it didn’t take too long before we got there and the kind people gave me treats.  Lots of treats.  Because I was a very good brother.  And I never leave my brother.  Nope, not even at the vet person.  That’s how much I love him.


Have you ever loved someone that much?  Like you get hurt at the thought of not being together?  I couldn’t let him go thru it alone.  But I let him get his shots alone.  Unless it was a shot to make me even more handsome…which that would have been a miracle drug…I didn’t need it.  But Digby sure did.


And as the vet person tried to help Digby, he said a fancy word called pancreatitis.  And he knew just what to give him, although no one could determine what caused it.  I think maybe Digby should fess up to that junk he snagged at a campsite the other night…

But either way, I do know this.  At the beginning of the day, we thought we were going to have to say goodbye to Digby.  And the end of the day, he was snoring at our feet.  In our lives, we all only have so many days.  When we wake up, if we are fortunate enough to wake up, we don’t know who will still be with us at the end of it.  In our life, if we are fortunate enough to love someone as much as I love Digby, there is a chance that one day we will not be together at the end of one day.

As Girl Person and Boy Person were telling Digby all of the things they wanted to tell him yesterday…I knew one thing to be true.  It didn’t matter all of the places we had been together.  It didn’t matter all of the things we had seen together.  It didn’t matter in that one moment when we thought that memories were the only thing we would have.  There is no substitute for being with the ones you love in life.  Living your life every day.  Don’t wait to say what you need to.  And never.  Ever.  Take one moment for granted, not even the little ones, the normal ones, the irritating ones.  While you can be together in this life, today, be together. Love each other like it’s your last day.

Digby still is on the mend.  And we still need good thoughts sent his way.  I will be there every step of the way to help.  And when they come out with a handsome shot, I’ll be the first in line.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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6 thoughts on “A Day In Life

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  2. Elizabeth Dickinson

    I hope you all can rest a bit easier tonight. Is pancreatitis something a dog csn get from time to time? I bet is something that Digby ate – he goes go for some weird stuff from time to time!! 🤣. Best wishes for a good old boring day tomorrow. Love you all. ❤️

  3. barbara Sevrens

    Good morning guys. So sorry to hear digby was sick but glad he is on the mend. Praying for his recovery to be back to himself. Xoxo

  4. Brenda

    One of the reasons I’m a supporter. Vet bills. $4.99 a month isn’t a lot but $4.99 a month times several folks adds up

  5. Patricia Moller

    On Tue, Feb 19, 2019 at 12:03 AM 2 Traveling Dogs wrote:

    > I’m so happy to hear that the vet knew what to do and that Digby is on the > mend. I’m still sending prayers for Digby and Brickle and of course you > two. I’m sure you were so scared. We were all frantic too. I hope he’s > doing better today and Brickle is watching over him. Hugs and love to all. > 🐾❤️🐾❤️ > 2 Traveling Dogs posted: “This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some days > are worth mentioning. Some days are not worth mentioning. Yesterday was > one of those days which was both. The day started out like any other day. > We took a short hike because it was warm outside and ” >

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