You Can Call Me Digby Bland Food

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  I mean…Deputy Digby Bland Food.  Yes.  For now, that is my new name.  I changed it.  I am now undercover.

And although it does not seem as fun of a name as Pancake, well, I am here.  I am still here.  It’s me. Digby Bland Food.


I don’t think that I have ever been in so much pain.  I am just going to say that.  When you are in so much pain that you can’t sit, you can’t stand, you can’t even think, well, there is not much you can do.


And when you are a dog like me, you can’t tell the persons what is wrong.  Sheriff Brickle tried his best to calm everyone down, and he did, but in the end, he ended up getting sick yesterday from worrying so much.  Maybe he should change his name to Sheriff Peanut Butter Worry Butt.


I know that Sheriff Brickle already told you what happened on yesterday’s blog. And I am too tired to go back over it.  But the persons can’t figure out the mystery of what made me sick, so they said that changes are going to be made.  Whether it was a mystery bone that I picked up (did I write that out loud), or too many treats, well, things have to change.  Because we have a chance to. There is no mystery about that.

You know, sometimes, persons are so tied up with routine and doing what they think they know is best.  They like to tell everyone else how to do stuff, because everyone likes their own way.  But sometimes, one way is not the best way for everyone.

One person may be able to eat a million pancakes, that is a lot, but one person may only be able to eat one.  I pride myself in my eating talents.  But I may need to take lessons in other talents too.

Girl Person says that life is weird.  One morning, you are talking about things that you think are important.  And then in just an hour, you are about to lose someone you love without warning.


She says all of a sudden, the world makes no sense.  People are still going about their day, unaware.  The sun still goes down, still comes up.  It doesn’t stop.  Little things like drinking a cup of coffee seem so foreign, because to do anything normal when you world is stopping is not normal.


And so when all was said and done, and by that I mean my pain started to go away and we got home from the vet person, the persons collapsed in a pile of tears.  Which I did not understand how persons could even cry so much.  I can only imagine that there tears would be better if they were maple syrup.  So as you can see, this name change is going to be a bore.



A change may seem hard if you don’t understand the reasons behind it.  But once you know what the consequences could be, there is no choice if you want a different outcome.  You can’t keep doing the same things expecting a different result, can you?  So for now, I will use my new name.  Until we find out how to make a lighter pancake and maybe not every day.  Even I know that savoring is the way to go. By that, I mean every day.  Because I am still here to enjoy another one.

-Deputy Digby Bland Food




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