Slow Jam

This is Deputy Digby. I am going to leave off my new name addition of Bland Food because I’m already over it.

If I can’t figure out a way to have a pancake with pancreatitis, that wouldn’t make sense. Do you not see that they both start with pan?!

The last few days have been rather boring. And I like it that way. Because after Monday, we are pretty much tired. Especially me. And it’s time to embrace it. Time for some slow jams. So turn down the lights.

Life has a way of making it slow down when it wants to. You can only run at full steam for so long.

I’m not as fast as Sheriff Brickle on my best day. But even Brickle has decided that I have given him the opportunity to slow down too. I think we all try to live up to everyone’s expectations of us most of the time. And if we don’t get permission to slow down, we don’t. So I made the first move. It’s ok everyone. Slow it down. Put on a slow jam. Who said jam? Rhymes with bland. Seems like I should be able to have it.

I’m not happy that I got so sick and almost didn’t make it thru a Monday. Everyone always talks about Monday’s being a bad day. And for me it wasn’t. Because I was able to see the next day.

Blue skies may not smile at us all the time.

Rain will fall. But we have to push thru. To do the best we know how. And if we don’t know how, we find a way how. That’s what Girl Person is doing. Trying to find out what mistakes she made and change them. Now it’s not too late. Sometimes we make mistakes not knowing. Yet I know this. I will try and make it thru.

We are supposed to go say goodbye to our families tomorrow. You see, we head out on Saturday if I’m feeling better. We are headed to a place called Silver Springs! Will you come along?

I’m pretty sure we will be listening to some slow jams along the way!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “Slow Jam


    Silver springs is beautiful. I was disappointed our Brownie could not ride on the boats.She loves them and she is dying of cancer so I am trying to give her all.happiness I can

  2. barbara Sevrens

    Glad you are having a good day and moving on. Glad Brickle is better and girl person is doing well. Happy Thursday guys

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