You Were Never Here, But You Are.

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It has been a wonderful week here in this Virginia place.


Despite the yellow jackets and the bites and the heat, we were able to see some beautiful things.


And at the end of every day when the sun went down and it became a little cooler, well, all was good in our Big Blue Treat Wagon RV world.  And all was as it should be.


Have you ever went to a place, even if that place was your backyard, and you saw something wonderful? Something magical? Something worth telling someone else about?


Yes, yes, Brickle would argue that his beauty IS worth talking about.  But no, not just that.


Maybe it was a pretty butterfly.

Maybe it was a special bird singing.  Maybe it was a smell of fresh panned pancakes.  Yes, I pan them like gold.


Girl Person reminds us often of her family and Pappy and Granny, and I remember them.   She says that often, the most beautiful, wonderful things we see on our travels seem familiar.  Not that we have saw them before.  But no, because of the feeling that she gets when she sees them.  She says that this week, our travels along the Blue Ridge Parkway reminded her of the wonderful things and memories she had with them.

Not because she ever came here with them.  But because this was just as wonderful as those memories.  And good memories are all related in our heart because they lead back to the same place.


Girl Person said that the most beautiful things and fun places are what make her remember them the most.  She would have called them up and told them about the beautiful lake we are camping on here in Virginia, high up in the mountains.

They would have told her to be careful of snakes and swimming and general fear inspiring scenarios.

She said she would have told them about the Mabry Mill and the grits and pancakes you could eat.  Oh, Granny made Girl Person a lot of pancakes when she was younger.  What a lady.  What a lady.

Girl Person said she would have told them of the displays at the mill and the man that asked if we would eat his leg off, to which Girl Person replied, only if your leg was a piece of fried chicken.


Girl Person said that she would have called them and told them about the little graveyards all around the Blue Ridge Parkway, 75 to be exact, and the people that were buried there and their stories.  They would have told her that was a shame and be careful.  Always be careful.

Girl Person said she would have told them about going across that scary bridge to camp in Douthat State Park and Granny would have told her to please not do that again.  Girl Person said she misses that.

You see, all of life’s beautiful moments are scattered everywhere.  Just in the passage of time do all of life’s beautiful moments seem to be more pronounced…more obvious.  Because we recognize them to be so.  Seems as though it’s not until the people we love the most are gone that we realize how every one of the moments we miss.


The people that we are missing on this trip…even the ones we can still call, don’t know it, but they have been with us in the most special of the places we have been.  They have been remembered in that butterfly, in that bowl of grits and on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you have something in your day that reminds you of someone special and you can…tell them.  And if you can’t, well, remember them. And if you want to tell us a little about them and how you remember them today, we are listening.  Right from this Virginia place.

We will be having a fun filled weekend still in this Virginia place! Won’t you stay with us? We are North Carolina bound on Monday to travel more of the Blue Ridge Parkway! Stay tuned!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “You Were Never Here, But You Are.

  1. Wendy Laveaux

    So true! Made me sad. As a young girl I read a book called Christie about a young girl who went to teach in the Blue Ridge mountains. I never forgot how the book made me feel and when I met my husband, he took me for a trip across those mountains. It was magical for me! Sadly he passed 7-1/2 years ago far too young but I too have splendid memories so a little sadness followed by some very happy memories!! Safe travels!!!

  2. Karen Hampton

    So beautifully stated!!! So very TRUE! And, yes, us Granny/ Grammy persons are FOREVER telling our loved ones to ‘be careful’….even after we’re gone.. my Granny said it to me, my Momma to my kids & now me to my Grandbabies & loved ones…. including you all…..OH!!! And that ‘bridge’ you all crossed in the BBTW. I darn near wet me bloomers watching that video!! I don’t do bridges very well.. that would have been a 4 glass of wine night, for SURE!!! 😘❤️🐕🐶🍷🍷🍷🍷

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