One Out Of 1000

This is Digby Pancake. What were the odds that we would revisit the first campground we ever stayed at?

What were the odds that over five years later, we would remember how much we loved Jekyll Island, Georgia and also learn many more new things about it? The odds probably were not high.

We have had many adventures over the years since we started traveling full time.

We have been so many places and stayed in so many campsites that we can’t remember them all.

Some we don’t want to remember well. Some we love like this campground. But above anything else here on Jekyll Island, the sea turtles and persons helping them that we visited were the best part of our time here.

Sure, there are beautiful buildings here.

There is good food here.

But we just can’t get over the sea turtles and other animals at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Have you ever loved something or someone so much that your heart felt like it would explode? Yeah. That’s such a feeling. A feeling that doesn’t come often.

But the more we learned about the sea turtles the more in love we were.

And when we heard that only one out of 1000 sea turtles makes it to adulthood, we felt honored to have met some of them.

What are the odds that a baby sea turtle will make it out of its egg and into the water and then beat all the odds and survive?

One out of a thousand.

But what about us? What were the odds that despite everything you have been thru that you would make it?

Did others doubt you? You’re still here. We are proud of you.

No one can know the exact journey you have been thru other than you.

That’s true. But we will also never know what journeys others have been thru. Do we give them the same understanding?

In today’s world, understanding others is viewed as a luxury and not a necessity.

When you’re having a rough day, isn’t it harder to be nice to others? But maybe it’s easier if you’re having a good day. Our kindness should be displayed no matter what.

If a baby sea turtle can beat the odds and make it, you can too. Let others inspire you.

Every animal in this world can make US better. Can you learn more about sea turtles today?

Can you give them applause for all that they are and all that they teach us?

Most people won’t take the time to do that. Maybe one out of a 1000. Let it be you.

Digby Pancake

Please consider donating and sharing our fundraiser for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center.  There are just a few days left for us to reach our goal for this amazing, inspiring place!  ALL funds raised go directly to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. Donate here