Everything I Should Have Known About How To Give My Dog CBD Hemp Oil

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I was so happy!  The possibility that CBD hemp oil could help my dogs Brickle and Digby with some of their common problems was exciting to me.


However, I will admit something right away.  I am not one for detail.  If something needs to be done, I do it.  I don’t stop to think about it.  I get it done.  Being on the road for over two years means that we go, go, go.

Yet, giving the CBD hemp oil from Pet Releaf to my dogs without taking the time to read directions was a bit of a mistake.  No, it wasn’t a dangerous mistake, but a mistake that cost me some time…time that they could have been feeling better.  And we all know that time is very precious with our dogs.


Since we have embarked on this journey of learning about CBD hemp oil and using it for our dogs, we have not only grown closer to them, but to our readers as well. We see the concern that you have for your dogs.  We see how many of you have senior dogs in your lives or rescue dogs with some anxiety issues. We hear that your dogs have storm fears and reactions to fireworks, loud noises and social anxieties. But we also read your comments of admiration and adoration for your dogs.  And we also see that you want to help them feel better and be the best that they can be.


But many of you have questions about CBD oil and are a bit confused on the best way to give the oil to your dogs.


Don’t let that stop you from trying. Because we hope that you can learn from our mistakes and save some time so that your dogs can do better and feel better faster!


Like the CBD products themselves, the way to give them to our dogs are just as basic. You can do this. You really can!


Lets start by explaining what makes Pet Releaf CBD oils different.  Nope, we don’t and will not recommend any other brand. Pet Releaf is organic. Can other CBD oils say that?

Pet Releaf CBD Oils Contain Only Two Ingredients. Certified USDA organic CBD hemp oil and organic coconut oil are the only ingredients in every bottle! The higher the potency, the more concentrated it is with the hemp oil verses the coconut oil.


The first mistake that I made at the beginning was not giving the oil to Digby and Brickle on an empty stomach. If you know Digby, you know I had to work to find that time!


For max absorption, their oils should be administered directly into the mouth outside of mealtimes. This is because cannabinoids (like CBD) lose efficacy when exposed to the gastric acids in the stomach. But what happens if you have a dog like Digby that won’t take the oil alone?  If needed, giving the oil on a teaser amount of food or placing directly in their empty food bowl is fine. I found with Digby that giving the oil to him on some peanut butter did the trick. I also tried the oil capsules.  This is an economical way to start off and by putting the capsule in peanut butter it worked like a charm!


But Brickle, who is usually the more picky one, will lick it directly out of my hand.


Pet parents should increase the recommended daily usage if they see the impact go down as a result of administrating the product using a teaser amount of food.

Every Pet Is Different.  All of their usage recommendations are just that, recommendations! They always suggest starting with their usage recommendations and moving up or down based on the results you are seeing. Dosage and all directions come with every bottle and product. This makes it easier for me because my dogs are as different in their personalities as they are in their eating habits and likes and dislikes.


So taking this into account, I found that because I because I was more concerned about Digby’s health lately, that I had not read the directions fully and I was giving him too much of the oil. Again, another mistake on my part. Many of you may wonder if you can overdose your dog.  And like me, you are probably worried about that too.

No Dosage Is Unsafe. A pet parent can safely select from ANY of their three potencies because there are no known or documented overdoses on Pet Releaf products!


They typically recommended their lower potency oils for small to medium sized dogs as they are a bit more palatable. They recomend higher potency products for larger dogs as pet parents will get the most usage out of a higher potency product.


How much should I give my pet?

According to Pet Releaf’s website, “The amount you should give your cat or dog depends on two main factors:Your pet’s weight and what you’re utilizing the product for. It’s important to first base usage information off of your pet’s weight as an effective starting point. However, if you’re utilizing our product to help your pet recover from a more severe injury, illness, or ailment should start with our recommended usage and increase the amount of product given until you see desired results. There are no known or documented overdoses on a full spectrum CBD hemp products.

It’s important to note that all of our CBD hemp oils are safe for dogs of all sizes, however, each one potency was developed with a certain size in mind.”

I also just assumed that giving Brickle and Digby their recommended dosage at one time was the way to do it.  I was wrong again.

Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oils have a 9 hour half life. That is why they recommend splitting the recommended usage between the AM/PM, so that your pet can be covered for the majority of the day!  That works for us.

So which oil should you choose for your dog?  Your dog’s weight will determine the recommended dosage. Find each dosage and complete directions here. 

CBD Hemp Oil 330 — 100mg Active CBD (for small dogs and cats).

CBD Hemp Oil 700 — 200mg Active CBD (for small to medium sized dogs).

CBD Hemp Oil 1000 — 300mg Active CBD (for medium dogs).

CBD Hemp Oil 1700 — 500mg Active CBD (for large breed dogs).


The best thing for me about going on this journey of using Pet Releaf’s CBD Hemp Oil has been that I don’t have to worry about hurting my dogs if I make a mistake.  And I made them all.  But even when I wasn’t using their products to their full potential, I saw results which made me excited to keep trying. I took the time to ask questions.  I took the time to read labels.  I took the time to read all of their informative blogs and testimonials on social media.

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Changing the way we take care of our dogs sometimes can seem overwhelming.  But as my Pappy always said, don’t keep doing the same thing expecting different results.  Our dogs need us to help them with aging symptoms and physical and mental disabilities.  If you have tried everything…don’t give up.  Aren’t our dogs worth a little time and learning on our part?


As I have said before, I sincerely wish I would have started my dogs on CBD from Pet Releaf when they were younger, but it was simply not available.  Now it is.  Now I have this opportunity to help them.  I hope that you take this opportunity too.


-Rachael Johnson, Owner of 2 Traveling Dogs and Your Dogs Diner

Remember to use coupon code 2TD to save 10% off your total order at www.petreleaf.com

This is a sponsored post and we received compensation for this blog.  However, all opinions and experiences are our own.  



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