Precise Imperfection.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you have missed hearing from me as much as usual this week, well, I was busy working on my handsome.  That means looking at myself.  I’m back now.  It was worth it.  And you’re welcome.


But as gorgeous as I am on any given day or any day at all, I don’t pretend to be perfect.  Shocking, I know. Because perfection my friends is overrated. So is being precise. For example, if you look at how imperfectly my brindle colors meld together to make a perfect masterpiece, you know what I am talking about.  And as usual, the voice of reason around here is me when the persons seem to only concentrate on what is not perfect about life.


There we were yesterday, ready for our morning hike.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping.  Ollie Gator was in another neck of the woods or the swamp.  All was right in the world.

And I got to thinking.


Here we were, in this Florida place.  We are still camping.  We didn’t find a house without wheels yet.  And everything we had planned and wished for along the way just didn’t work out.  We wanted to stay in California. Then the fires came. We wanted to stay in wine country.  But it didn’t work out.  We wanted to already be in a little house.  But it hasn’t come up yet.  And so.  Here we are.  Precisely where we should be, I think.

Girl Person says that she would have never thought that we could be content with just going with the flow.  It has taken us a long time to get here.  Fact?  We are pretty happy right now.  Not trying so hard to figure out everything, but going day by day is suiting us better.  And for the time that we are here, at one of our favorite camping spots ever, we are reminded that imperfection in life is ok.  A car breaking down, a house on wheels with something always wrong and a little less money in life is worth helping animals and enjoying each other.
Maybe a house would be nice.  But we can’t worry anymore about what we think is imperfect in our life. Because if the paths on our trip had not changed, we never would have ended up at this beach.  We wouldn’t have seen this particular sunset yesterday, or met the Scarlet Pimpernel.  Girl Person wouldn’t have found all of the shells that we look for everyday.  And just that alone made all the precise imperfection worth every broken down day. Every day without air conditioning.  Every day in a prison shower. Yes, a red bird, seashells and a sunset.  Is there much more in life than that?
For everyone wanting an update, we wanted to give you one. The update is that we don’t have one.
Sure, we have some ideas on where we want to go after next month.  And if we do that, it will be fun.  But you will have to wait and see, because we are going to sit on it.  And I’ll sit on Digby’s head.
You know, I listened to the radio yesterday, and they were talking about watches.  How one company makes the most accurate watches around.  I don’t wear pants, so I am most certainly not going to wear a watch.  But even though they have a factory of people making the perfect watches on an assembly line, they still have customers that want a handmade watch.  A watch made on no assembly line.  A watch that loses 5-10 seconds of time a day.  But for those customers that want one, they pay more than the accurate watch.
And it is like that in life.  If we knew that every day was going to be boring, but perfect, would we be happy? Like rescue animals that are all different, we each are beautiful.
Our lives are beautiful, even though they aren’t perfect.  It is the every day mishaps that make for laughter and something to reflect on, even more than my handsome.  I think in fact that imperfection itself may have its perfect state.  And for us, that is now.
-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle



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