The Search.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It. Has. Been. Days.  Since Girl Person left us for that Florida place. And it seems like years.  Years, I tell you.  Years.


Is Boy Person doing a good job taking care of Deputy Digby Pancake and I?  Don’t tell Girl Person, but everything is going ok except for the raw chicken which was dropped on the rug.  Also, everything is ok except for giving us our treats out of sequence.  Also, everything is ok except that we aren’t all together.  We are a part of each other.  And when one of us is missing, it just doesn’t seem right.

Girl Person called and told us yesterday that her and Gandma would be headed to that Amelia Island place tomorrow to search for houses which is a four hour drive from that Tampa place.  Now,  I have no issues with living in the Florida place except I don’t want to leave this California place either.  But, the persons at this point in our lives are considering all options and want to make the right decision.  They above anything else want Digby and I to be happy with where we live the next few years.  They want us to be able to relax a bit, be able to run in a yard and lay in some Sunshiney.  Plus, they want us to be able to afford to take trips together too.


Where that place is yet we don’t know.  What else is important to us right now?  The water.  We know we feel our best by the water.  Some may feel their best in the desert, or in the mountains.  But our happy is the ocean.  And we need to find where we can see it or be able to get to it easy.


What else?  The persons want to grow things and garden and cook and Boy Person wants to fix things he can fix unlike Digby’s breath.  He knows he can’t fix that since he was calling Girl Person asking where the toothpaste was yesterday when he ate horse poop.

Now.  Is Girl Person looking for just a house? You know that they make everything more difficult.  They may be searching for an old gas station we can live in, or a tiny house, or an old general store.  So stay tuned to tomorrow for what Girl Person finds.  I am interested myself in this.  I need to know how much my handsome can improve the neighborhood.

Oh, and Boy Person?  He is working on the video that will air this Sunday on our Facebook page.  The last video for our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  So don’t miss that!

So Florida? California?  You have a few weeks to show us what ya got.  We love you both. But it’s time to make a decision here.  And Girl Person? Please hurry up.  Boy Person doesn’t hand feed me the same.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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5 thoughts on “The Search.

  1. Karen Hampton

    Remember, Florida doesn’t have the SAN Andreas Fault, massive forest fires, landslides & EARTHQUAKES!!! Just sayin’….I live in Michigan, so what do I know…we have blizzards……and potholes, lol

  2. this has to be a really tough decision for all y’all but I am sure the right answer will come. There are pros and cons to both places I guess. I live in Texas so I can’t say where the best place is.

    1. Theresa Bates

      No, California has earthquakes that come without warning. At least you can watch a hurricane march across the Atlantic and keep tabs on its progress for days, even weeks, while the experts constantly keep track of conditions that help them home in on where it will strike and how bad it will be. USUALLY. Sometimes, there is less time to prepare, as with Harvey, which the NHC had written off as a fizzled low pressure system in the Caribbean just a week before it hit Texas as a Cat 4. To be sure, no matter where you live, you are at least in part at the mercy of Mother Nature. You just have to pick your poison. Or, rather, you have to decide what in life is the most important thing and where you can find it. Because once you decide, well, no matter where you go, there you are, so those things that are most important to you need to be there, too.

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