Where The Heart Is

This is Cuddles. It has been awhile since Brickle and Digby allowed me to take over the dog blog.  But since they are missing Girl Person so much, because she is in this Florida place, I wanted to talk a little bit for them.  It is good to have Girl Person here.  I missed her.  Not as much as I miss Granny Person though.  Not a day goes by…well…I will just stop there.  The house is a little empty.  A lot empty.


Last week, Aunt Person was worried that I wasn’t going to make it.  The hurricane scared us all so much.  I saw everyone packing stuff away, everyone was worried, and we were afraid that the house that Granny Person and Pappy had built would be no more.  We had to leave and wait and when the storm finally went away, that is when things started to get a little better.  The persons are cleaning up, but we were all ok.  I can’t see very good anymore.  And I can’t hear either.  Seeems as though I understand how Granny Person felt now.


Sometimes, it isn’t till you are about to lose something that you really begin to see how beautiful it is.  Granny Person said the few times that she would go on vacation that when she came home, she “couldn’t see there was anything wrong with this place”.  A little dirt, a little love.  A few scratches, a few memories.  It is all here.  And I am glad that I got to stay here.  I miss Brickle and Digby.  No, I don’t call them the Sheriff or Deputy.  They were my popcorn, peanut sharing brothers.  I miss watching the news with them every night.  But I am happy that Girl Person came, if not just for a little while to visit.  The orange grove isn’t the same without them walking thru it.


Now, I hear Girl Person is here in this Florida place to look at some houses.  She may be looking for houses, but where her heart will always be is this home.  NO, not the home they sold here.


But the people who were once here…who still are here.  And if home is where your heart is, her permanent place is here, no matter where they go.  I am happy that they are finding their happy and a house, even if that isn’t in the Florida place.  It could be in that California place, or that Italy place, or France place.  No matter where they go, Granny Person would be happy for them.  She would complain about it but be happy about complaining too.

Things change in life.  But a few things are certain.  I certainly miss Granny Person.  But she is always here.  The memories I have can never be taken away.  And I am happy I got to hold down the fort a little while longer.  Girl Person may find it hard to walk into Granny Person’s house without her there to make her a biscuit.  But when your heart calls you go…and we were both so happy to visit together.  And happy we all made it thru the hurricane.


Since I am older and wiser now, I have a question to leave you with till we speak again.  Where is your heart?  Do you let it go there?  It’s worth the journey.



7 thoughts on “Where The Heart Is

  1. Jacqueline

    Well done, Cuddles, made me teary. And rest assured, Brickle and Digby and Boy Person too, miss you, the family, that Florida place and the beautiful orange grove. I’m so glad you came out on the other side. Thank you for sharing your pearls with us. Until we meet again, Cuddle Face. Take care of Girl Person while she’s there, for her boys, I know you will!!! Much love to all of you!!! xoxoxox

  2. Karen Hampton

    ‘Preach it’ , Sweet Cuddles…every word is TRUTH!!! It hurts, it helps, its sad, its funny….it’s LIFE & MEMORIES….and, indeed…you ABSOLUTELY CAN’ go home again’… wher the heart is, THERE is HOME!!! Your popcorn/peanut butter sharing cousins would be quite pleased with your insightful blog. And, likely, Brickle, probably reluctantly agreeable…you KNOW how fragile his ego is, lol ❤️🐶🐺🐶🌴🌴 Grammy Person in Michigan

  3. Anne Allison

    Dear Cuddles you are so wise and I’m feeling all the memories of where my heart is – not much makes me cry but you have today. All you say is true – love and hugs to you and all the persons xxx

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