She’s Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Today, I have the task of writing the blog.  Why?  Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle is beside himself. Girl Person is howling like a foxhound with a plate of pancakes.  And Boy Person is trying to keep us all together.

What is happening?  Not really sure, however, I do know that we have a long drive to the airport place.  I also have been told by Girl Person that she is going to see Gandma and Gandpa in that Florida place.  And yep.  She is leaving on a jet plane.

If you know Girl Person at all, you know that she doesn’t like to leave me and the Sheriff.  Even for a minute or two.  She stresses, she worries, and she pretty much drives Boy Person crazy.  So for her to make the decision to fly to that Florida place by herself was a hard one.  But the persons knew that one of them had to stay with us and not leave us at a daycare.  We have all been together for 24 hours a day and we have to ease into time apart.  Fine by me.  And one point.  Boy Person makes better pancakes than Girl Person. Did I say that out loud?  Or did I use my inside voice?  I never use my inside voice.

What did Girl Person tell us that she is going to be doing in that Florida place?  Well, she will be eating a lot of pea salad at Gandma’s house, because that is what you do there.  Also, she will be driving to an Amelia Island place to look at houses and to see if it is a place that would work for Sheriff Brickle and I.  Have I ever told you that I came from a shelter jail place there?  So not sure I want to move back there…unless they have added more IHops to the area.

So this week is going to be a hard one, I won’t maple syrup coat it.  Brickle is already pouting and vowing never to eat again.  Boy Person is trying to figure out what he can eat for dinner.  I am wondering if dinner will be late.  And Girl Person?  She is such a basket case that she may not make it thru airport security.

So are you with us this week?  Part of life is change.  All of the persons’ life is me and Sheriff Brickle.  It is their goal to make this next part of life’s journey an easier one for us and one that is fun.  So.  As Sheriff Brickle would say if he wasn’t mad is…let’s do this!

Deputy Digby Pancake

10 thoughts on “She’s Leaving On A Jet Plane

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh, we’re doing it!!!! I’m so proud of Girl Person, I know this had to be truly so difficult for her. But it’s for the best for all of you and your Florida family as well!!!! Dinner might be late, Deputy, but maybe Boy Person will spoil you boys with pancakes and peanut butter cookies while she’s gone to make you happy!!! And maybe even HIM happy, they’re both delicious!!! Speaking of delicious, I would love to hear what the recipe for Pea Salad is, as I’m not sure if I know, but it sounds delightful!!! You boys behave for Boy Person, Girl Person will be home in no time, and neither persons need anymore worry right now!!! And it’s beautiful where you are, so try to relax! Keep us posted on Girl Persons Adventures, I know you will!!!! Love you all!!! Sweet dreams!!!! xoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Karen Olson

    GP will be back before you know It! In the meantime BP can make you lots and lots of pancakes! Y’all will have an all boys week. Might be kind of fun.
    And maybe GP will find you a nice house. Love you all bunches.

  3. Randy Newlin

    BP and you two will survive. I am hopeful that the prefect place for all of you materializes.. You guys go easy on BP because he has all three of you to worry about.

  4. Barara (wanna be on the road) Corneliusen.

    Hang in there. Boy person loves you and will take good care of you. He will be lonely too so the three of you keep each other in plenty of love and company.

  5. Barbara Sevrens

    Praying for girl persons time in Fla.,to find a place for you guys to live. Be nice to boy person cut him some slack. Have a great Monday☺☺💙💙💙👏

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