You May Say I’m A Dreamer

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Oh, what a week it has been.  Hurricane watch for our Florida place, a vet person visit, and house hunting.  Generally, that would be enough for most people during the week.  But for the persons?  They are in planning mode.  Planning for the future, taking in the beauty of what is around us at present, and hoping their decisions are the right ones.

For me?  I suppose that you would say I am a dreamer.  Not only of pancakes.  But of what could be.  If we dream hard enough.  And I can dream pretty hard.  It worries Brickle and I to see the persons working so hard when in actuality, they should be dreaming hard.  Why?  I have learned a lot in my eight years.  Life has taught me that dreaming of what you want is fun.  Your dreams don’t always come true.  But thinking about your dreams is fun in itself.  And one dream may turn into another that is even better than the one before.


What do I mean? Well, the persons have been dreaming of this California place for a long time.  And now that we are finally here, it seems like we may not be able to stay.  We have to find a house we have enough person money for and a lot of things would have to work out.  It is hard for the persons to give up on their dream…and they haven’t yet.  But they decided to enjoy it here for as long as we are able.  We still have a roof over our head and wheels under our feet.  We have other options too still like that Florida place or France or Italy, and who knows?  One dream may turn into another….or a different one altogether.  And dreaming about what could be is keeping us going.  And I think that is more than fun.  It is part of life…if you let it be.  Don’t good things always start with dreams?

If persons can learn one thing or five from their dogs, it is to see the now.  See what is in front of you that is good.  If tomorrow never came, would you be sorry you didn’t enjoy today?  Planning is necessary for persons, but often they lose sight of the beautiful things that could be if they weren’t so set on something they think is the only option.  Dream and it will come true? Maybe not.  Because the persons are not looking to live at IHop.  But maybe there is another place I would like that still makes good pancakes.  And so today? I will dream about that.

The persons have some surprises next week…so stay tuned!  Dream if you want.  And make my stack a double.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

We dream that all animals have a forever home! Stay tuned for our rescue video…the last one on September 24th with Soft Paws Rescue in Santa Rosa, California.

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