Pastry, Delivery And The Vet Person

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Deputy Digby has the day off because he is still recovering from his vet person visit yesterday. Over dramatic? Pawsibly. A baby? Perhaps. But he is my brother. And I am happy to report the good news.  I’ll get to that in a second or five.

First of all, have you ever lived in a small town? Everyone knows everybody else, and whether good or bad, word gets around. Yes, people know about us here already. How could they not with Deputy Digby’s howling, my arresting, and a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV and yellow Jeep with tape on it driving around? No judgement on the Jeep. It’s been a rough year…

The persons have been easing back into a routine of sorts since we got here to California.  No, we still haven’t found a house yet without wheels.  And we still have to finish up our rescue work for California.  We also still to move campsites here every few days.  So no, it hasn’t been all peanut butter cookies and pancakes. But we are catching our breath, bad if it is Digby’s, and we are trying to pull ourselves together.  As you know, Deputy Digby hasn’t been feeling well.  And since Girl Person is a worrier, she imagined the worst.  Plus, back in January, another vet person told her some stuff that worried her even more.  So.  The question was for her, was he getting worse, was it because he was just getting older, or was the trip too much?  So she called up a vet person, and waited.


If you have ever waited for something, like for peanut butter cookies to cool, you know it is hard.  So when one of our fans yesterday messaged us that they had baked a pastry and wanted to deliver it?  You better believe we were excited.  They wanted to make our day better and since Girl Person was so worried about waiting to see the vet person, it was very nice.  So nice, that I didn’t even arrest their furkid Becca who tried to steal my handsome glory with her beautiful markings.


A german pastry baked fresh will make anyone’s day better, especially for Digby who thought he deserved it all to himself because he was going to the vet person’s.  Because when you are about to turn into the Incredible Hulk, you need your strength.


Now, I am not one for pastry, but I have to say, that even I was intrigued.


What I was not intrigued about?  Deputy Digby leaving me to go to the vet person.  So as Girl Person tried to slip him out by luring him with the tart, I wasn’t going for it.  A Sheriff cannot be fooled by imitation peanut butter or a sneaky Girl Person.  And so I knocked her off the RV steps trying to push her out of the way to go.  Extreme?  Perhaps.  But a Sheriff has to look out for his Deputy.  A Sheriff cannot control however a Boy Person carrying him back inside.

As nervous as Girl Person was about Digby’s vet antic behavior, this vet person didn’t seem so worried.  In fact, even though Digby tried to get out of the window, peed on their door and pretended he was rabid, they didn’t flinch.  It was the picture of calm and cool, and Deputy Digby told me that although they didn’t fall for his scare tactics, he liked them just the same.  Best part?  This small town vet didn’t care much about charging Girl Person huge amounts of person money, or selling her a bunch of stuff.  He only cared about Digby.  And after a little while, it was determined that Digby does not have that Cushings Disease thing.  He does not have the cancer monster.  And his lumps and bumps?  Apparently as a Deputy gets older, he gets lumpier just like I get handsomer.  And that my friends is a huge sigh of relief you hear coming from me and our whole family.  For us?  The best news ever.  The best news ever.  Yes, I will even admit it.


When you have been on the road so long and have seen many bad things, which I am afraid that we have, it is hard to remember that there are still good people out there.  There are still small towns with people that care.  And this vet person and pastry day made us feel so good.  So happy.  Sounds simple, but as simple as happy is, it is hard to find thru worry sometimes.  It has been weeks of worry with the hurricane, our family and Digby’s health.  But thru it all, we made it.  And we will continue to keep on going and accomplishing and we can do this!  My vet person visit?  I don’t want to think about it, but apparently, it is in a couple of weeks.  A test will be made on my handsome.  Results?  Never stops growing.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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9 thoughts on “Pastry, Delivery And The Vet Person

  1. Jacqueline

    Oh, Sheriff, you are a softy in there, I KNEW IT!!! I love you so!!! I’m absolutely DYING over “The Tart” and this sentence: “A Sheriff cannot control however a Boy Person carrying him back inside.” The Horror, the horror. 😀 But this is the greatest news, I’m so happy for you all!!! You’ve had enough to worry about, no doubt, and the more I’m hearing from you all, the more I LOVE this Bodega Bay place!!! It sounds so incredibly sweet and peaceful. I love you all so much, I’m so happy for this news, and I’m so glad you had a day without worry, for once in a LONG minute. Love, Jackie xoxoxox <3 <3 <3 <3
    P.S. I have no doubt your handsome will blow the vet persons away. Don't worry!

  2. Karen Hampton

    I, also have a ‘lumpy beagle’ lumps EVERYWHERE!!! Some removed, others too big & he’s 12 or 13 ( rescue, unsure of age, we’ve had him 6 years)…..all biopsies & tests are just benign fatty lipomas. He plays, eats well, VERY WELL. ( a beagle trademark, lol) sleeps….basically an old man, like his Grandpa Person..haha. His name was Rex when we got him…NOT original, so, since he was a hot mess, we just changed the spelling to Wrecks…… and …btw…that Tart looks DEVINE!!! Sheriff, I’m PAWSITIVE your Vet diagnosis will be ‘Terminally Handsome’ with chronic attitude… medicine, just PB cookies, as needed. And, WHO waits for PB COOKIES to ‘cool’??? Arrest them for being too patient!!! ❤️🐺🐶😘👍🏼 ‘Grammy’ in Michigan

  3. Rhea

    How did they determine Digby did not have Cushing’s. My Tobie was told he had the start of it. Should I get another opinion? He has a fatty lump on his side that the vet took a sample of the fluid and said it was just a fatty deposit.

  4. Barara (wanna be on the road) Corneliusen.

    Rusty and I breathed a sigh of relief that Digby is okay. You are trying to find a house and we are trying to find an RV. Hopefully soon for all of us.

  5. Angie Coleman

    Happy for the good report! I also have a “lumpy” dog and while it still causes concerns ( Have they grown? Are there more?) it’s so much better than the alternatives!
    Sending love and good house hunting vibes from Kentucky!

  6. Mary

    I’m so happy that Digby is ok and I’m sure Mr. Sheriff Handsomeness Peanut Butter Brickle will get an excellent bill of health as well! I’ve got to take my little doxie girl, shyla, to the vet soon to get what we think is a hernia fixed in her belly (scary cause it got really big really fast and I’m a worrier like GP so I’m thinking bad things like the cancer monster or something). My doxie boy, Doc, will be going for a checkup soon too. He’s got lumps on his body too so I’m hoping his are the same as Digby’s. Whether you’re a mom to humans, furbabies, or both I think that worry is just a sign of a good, caring mom. Sounds liked the town y’all are in is a great place to be. Small towns with caring people who are “real” sounds pretty good!

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