The Passenger

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Some days, you have a choice. You an either go along for the ride, or drive.

And today, we are going along for the ride. The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV is taking us to a new campground in this Florida place.  And we aren’t complaining about it.  Even though it’s only a short drive in distance, it’s somewhere new.  Sheriff Brickle says change doesn’t always mean a lot of work. Or effort.  Sometimes, changing it up a little bit is just what you need. Kind of like trying a new topping on your pancakes. You can always go back to maple syrup. And I always do.

So where are we headed to?  A little place called Brooksville, Florida. Even Elvis Presley at a hot dog here once! I think that may be in our plans to go visit…

What is great to me about this Brooksville place is that even though it isn’t far from where we used to live when we had a house without wheels, is that I never went there. And I bet there are places like that where you live.  We meet so many people at campgrounds who have never been outside their state.  Some may think that is strange, but I get it.  Because sometimes, some people may not want to go far. Good grief. I don’t even like getting off the couch some days. Sometimes, persons just like a different view from where they are.  Even looking up to the sky in a different direction can be a different world.  Because it is.

So it is time to load up this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV today and give her a little workout.  It’s been awhile since she had to go on the road.  Baby steps are what some of us need to get us back in the swing of things and give us our confidence.  Now, we only hope she starts.

In my opinion, and I have many of them, being a passenger isn’t a bad thing. Persons seem to think that they have to be in control of everything all the time. But then, they get tired of making all the decisions and get irritable.  When you let someone else drive once in awhile, you get a break from the thinking and you get to be like me.

Oh, persons always say to be the top dog. Well, I gladly let Sheriff Brickle be that. He can worry enough for all of us put together and he does a very good job at that.  Life isn’t always easy. When we are young, we seem to think life is better when you can make all the decisions. We seem to think that we can do it all.  But then you get to be old, and you’re ready to let someone else take over.

Being a passenger lets you enjoy the view. It helps you to rely on others. And that is part of life.  Not one of us can handle it all.  Not one of us should.  So how about coming along for the ride with us today?  The Big Blue Treat Wagon is in charge. Let’s go!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “The Passenger

  1. Theresa Bates

    Taking trains lets you be a passenger and enjoy the view! I love riding the trains and the highway buses in Japan because you see so much more than you do when you’re having to watch out for the traffic as you drive. Of course, you can see the view from really high up in the sky when you fly. The Rockies, Alaska’s coastline, Mt. Fuji, are all different from 40000 feet! Or flying over you own house or maybe you sister’s house on your way to or from you destination. I love being a passenger, unless I’m in a private vehicle. Then I want to drive. I’m afraid if I were in the BBTW, BP might have a fight on his hands. Or not. Maybe sitting in the back on a comfy couch would be just fine.

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