The Cow Child?

This is Deputy Digby.  Have you ever thought that you heard something? But then you didn’t hear it?  Or maybe you thought you were imagining things. Or maybe you just thought it was the voices in your head.  Or maybe that’s just me.

But as the persons were doing their work things yesterday at the campsite, Girl Person was running around while she was on the phone.  Getting this checkbook, getting that account number, talking, blah, blah, blah. She didn’t know an account number.  Where was that number? Numbers, numbers.

Holding and listening to elevator music while she talked to herself. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Then, when she would start talking again after holding so long, the other person on the phone would say something about getting another number.  Some person named Peg. I have never met Peg. But she must be pretty patient to ask for so many numbers.

Girl Person says she hates talking about numbers and doing number stuff that doesn’t matter and shuffling so many papers around and wondering where the numbers are going to come from.  So it gave her quite a headache.  She said she had to just sit outside in silence for a bit.  Kind of like Sheriff Brickle does. But as she went to sit down, and Boy Person told her she needed to chill out, she heard it Moooooo. Moooooo.

Now, I know a Mooooo when I hear it.  Even a Moo.  A cow is a cow no matter how many o’s you add to the M.  And Girl Person told Boy Person, wow, that was a loud cow.  And Boy Person looked at her like she was crazy. He told her that wasn’t a cow.  That was a child.  And she looked at him with the same crazy look.  That wasn’t a child. That was a cow.

Now.  I am no number cruncher.  I am no Peg.  And neither is Girl Person.  So I figured that she was probably mistaken and that Boy Person was the right one here. But I had to wonder. Was it possible. Was it possible.  Could Girl Person have been on hold so long with Peg that all of us had crossed over to another dimension?

Perhaps. Perhaps.  It wasn’t a cow.  Or a child.  Perhaps it was a cow child. A child cow.  It was both.

Now, I will admit some blogs make more sense that others. But maybe in another dimension…a parallel universe with this cow child and child cow, this makes total sense.

I can only imagine that over there, they don’t need numbers and paper shuffling to make them happy.  They Mooooo all day long and are happy to be doing that.

You see, we all hear things differently I suppose.

Girl Person and Boy Person may have different ways of doing things and different ways of hearing things.  But when it comes down to it, they don’t try to change the other one. That’s the way it should be with everyone we know. If we didn’t hear or see things differently, we wouldn’t be different.  We wouldn’t even have anything to talk about.  And no one would say Mooooo at all.  Or everyone would say it.  And one day, when I meet this cow child or child cow, I will tell him how he made Girl Person forget her numbers.  And that was a very good thing. Did you hear that????

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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