You Can’t Hurry Love

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It was definitely hard to leave one of our favorite parks yesterday.  The sun was out, the trails were still calling our name, and yet, the poison ivy on Girl Person’s legs, booty and arms and feet made it clear that we would be taking a little bit of Pocahontas State Park with us.  For awhile.

We promised Deputy Digby that we were taking him to his happy place and the mountains are this place for him.  You know that my happy place is the beach, but even I can appreciate when my brother can be happy too for a bit.  And I can already see the change in him.  He has more of a spring in his step.  He has more energy.  And this is just what we wanted for him.


There is enough world for everyone to have a piece and share at different times.  But we don’t share pancakes or peanut butter cookies.  You know that.

Virginia has already made it clear that it wants us to slow down and take our time on this No Path Path.  We are taking it easy with the Big Blue Treat Wagon and taking it easy with ourselves too.  We spent too much time rushing the first go around.   And now, it is time.  Not to hurry, but to appreciate. You can’t hurry love.  You can’t hurry looking at me.  You have a lot to take in.

So here is our plan.  We will be taking our time and make it our goal to travel the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway starting in Virginia.  Some days we may drive more than others. Some days we may rest.  Some days we may explore.  Some days, I may just look at myself.


I know we have been so many places.  But there is still so much we have not seen.  Did you know we have never really been to these mountains?  We have never been on the Blue Ridge Parkway in all of our travels. And so this is new!  We are coming to see you, Blue Ridge Parkway!

Life is not meant to be hurried.  Because you may think that you have seen it all.  You may think that there is nothing new to look forward to.  Even if you rush around and get to all of your goals, well, there is certainly something that you missed.  That leaf on the ground.  That flower on the hillside.  If you don’t look at that flower now, you won’t ever see it again.

So take time to notice the little things.  Don’t hurry.  Put your agenda behind.  If we can do it, you can too.


There are many good things about getting older.  It forces you to reevaluate and slow down.  Your steps may be slower, but your gaze can be longer.  You will need to sit awhile to look at me.

Are you ready to see the Blue Ridge Parkway? Can the Big Blue Treat Wagon do this?

We may need a push…

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “You Can’t Hurry Love

  1. Sharon

    Slow down and enjoy every moment. We saw the Blue Ridge Parkway on a three wheeled trike! Close to nature for sure. Plenty of deer. Beautiful scenery.

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