You Can’t Hurry Love

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It was definitely hard to leave one of our favorite parks yesterday.  The sun was out, the trails were still calling our name, and yet, the poison ivy on Girl Person’s legs, booty and arms and feet made it clear that we would be taking a little bit of Pocahontas State Park with us.  For awhile.

We promised Deputy Digby that we were taking him to his happy place and the mountains are this place for him.  You know that my happy place is the beach, but even I can appreciate when my brother can be happy too for a bit.  And I can already see the change in him.  He has more of a spring in his step.  He has more energy.  And this is just what we wanted for him.


There is enough world for everyone to have a piece and share at different times.  But we don’t share pancakes or peanut butter cookies.  You know that.

Virginia has already made it clear that it wants us to slow down and take our time on this No Path Path.  We are taking it easy with the Big Blue Treat Wagon and taking it easy with ourselves too.  We spent too much time rushing the first go around.   And now, it is time.  Not to hurry, but to appreciate. You can’t hurry love.  You can’t hurry looking at me.  You have a lot to take in.

So here is our plan.  We will be taking our time and make it our goal to travel the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway starting in Virginia.  Some days we may drive more than others. Some days we may rest.  Some days we may explore.  Some days, I may just look at myself.


I know we have been so many places.  But there is still so much we have not seen.  Did you know we have never really been to these mountains?  We have never been on the Blue Ridge Parkway in all of our travels. And so this is new!  We are coming to see you, Blue Ridge Parkway!

Life is not meant to be hurried.  Because you may think that you have seen it all.  You may think that there is nothing new to look forward to.  Even if you rush around and get to all of your goals, well, there is certainly something that you missed.  That leaf on the ground.  That flower on the hillside.  If you don’t look at that flower now, you won’t ever see it again.

So take time to notice the little things.  Don’t hurry.  Put your agenda behind.  If we can do it, you can too.


There are many good things about getting older.  It forces you to reevaluate and slow down.  Your steps may be slower, but your gaze can be longer.  You will need to sit awhile to look at me.

Are you ready to see the Blue Ridge Parkway? Can the Big Blue Treat Wagon do this?

We may need a push…

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Keep It Comin’ Love

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Let me be the first to welcome you to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Actually, Jax wants to welcome you too.  Sheriff Brickle does not.  He is busy pouting over his hurt foot that happened in the line of duty yesterday.  But as you can see, Jax doesn’t let Sheriff Brickle rain on his cotton parade.


It didn’t take long for the first arrest of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  As we were walking around camp while Boy Person hooked up all the stuff he has to hook up, here he came.  A small furkid not even knee high to a grasshopper, but he thought he was real big stuff sitting up in his persons’ laps in a golf cart.  First of all, we do not like golf cart monsters.  Second of all, we don’t like grasshoppers barking at us for no reason.  I can usually contain myself, but the Sheriff? Oh, he cannot contain himself.  At all. As the grasshopper rode by us, disregarding every speed limit in South Carolina, the Sheriff put on his lights, and not only did he flip out, but he flipped out literally.  He went down, y’all.

Jax and Girl Person took a tumble into a tree, I just tried not to get ran over, and the Sheriff? You would have thought this grasshopper was the boogie man out to get us all.  Sheriff Brickle flipped, face down in a pile of leaves and mosquitos that were bigger than the grasshopper, and we all knew it.  This was not good.

When the Sheriff gets mad, the Sheriff gets madder.  And you can better believe that when he gets hurt in the line of duty, he is not happy about it.  Girl Person tried to contain herself as the persons laughed, and the grasshopper, I can only imagine, tried to hop away, but it was all a blur.  Except for the Sheriff holding his foot up.  He finally contained himself enough to settle down.  He finally was able to walk it off.  And yet, I knew this was not going to be end of golf cart monsters, grasshoppers or mosquitos for this week in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  So we might as well embrace it and put on our boogie shoes.  We are gonna be dancing again with this grasshopper I bet.

Now, you would think with all of the commotion, and I am sure more commotion to come this week, that Jax would not be smiling. In fact, I would have thought that he would have regretted his whole getting rescued from the ocean thing.  But his smile never seems to fade.  His eyes may fall off every now and then, or his nose, but his smile just keeps comin’.

Because, you see, Jax is experiencing all of these things for the first time.  We have done this gig many times before.  And so, even though we find ourselves somewhere new all of the time, we might be taking it for granted.  And Jax? Oh, I know what you are thinking.  Yeah. Who rescued who?  Because he is showing us how great this life is that we are living.  Yes, things are hard some days, like the days we move.  But Jax enjoys watching the persons and experiencing everything for the first time.

When was the last time that you looked at something ordinary like it was new?

When was the last time that you took a little part of your day and looked at it with appreciation?  Jax teaches us to do this on the days that he has eyes.  Because the truth is, as hard as some days are, and as tiring as some days are, this is what life is made of.  Memories and trials and getting lost.  Life is made of golf cart monsters and falls and herds of mosquitos that you have to protect your brother Jax from, but then you realize that he can’t feel them biting him, and then you get jealous about that.


Life is about realizing that every sunset in your day, whether you can see it thru the rain or on a Myrtle Beach night is worth seeing for the first time.  Every time.  Keep it comin’ love.  Keep us smiling, Jax.  Welcome again to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!


-Deputy Digby Pancake

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