It’s Not What They Call You. It’s What You Answer To

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever wished for a cool drink of water on a hot day?  For me, that’s always nice, but so is a cool drink of maple syrup.  Why doesn’t anyone have that on tap around here? What persons do have on tap around this New Bern, North Carolina place is a drink that was invented here.


And they are pretty proud of it.

Now, I know that dogs can’t have drinks like that.  But I can still dream, right?  Because the person that first made this drink had a dream too. Although his name for it didn’t stick, and it took a long time for it to be popular, eventually, his dream worked.  Just not for him directly. Or maybe not how he thought in the first place.


Seems to me that a lot of persons have dreams.  It also seems to me that more persons listen to others when it comes to their dreams.  You may think that you have a good idea and are pretty excited about it. For me, it is always when I see an old chicken bone under a picnic table.  I think it is a wonderful idea, but the persons disagree.  Little do they know, I don’t let them squash my dreams.  I hate squash.  And I would never dream about that.


But what about you? If someone else tells you that your dream isn’t important, do you forget about it?  I don’t want you to forget about it.  Because someone out there will listen one day to my maple syrup drink and make it.  I just know it.  And if I give up on it, that is a crime.  And as Deputy, I don’t stand for that.  I sit on it.  I’m tired.


When we visited New Bern, North Carolina yesterday, I noticed all the old buildings and the history there.


But I also saw new things too.  And it got me to thinking.  The person that came up with that drink here may have never realized how much enjoyment it would give someone.  No, not everyone liked it, but for those that did and those that do, it brings them some happiness in their day.  But it hasn’t always stayed the same.  His dream changed.  But that didn’t make it less of a dream.

So if you have listened to someone in the past that told you your dream wasn’t good enough, and you didn’t go for it, there is still time.  You are here. So that is all the time you need.  If you do have some extra time though, do you mind helping me with my dream?  I really think its a good one.


No one can have their dreams squashed just because someone tells them the dream isn’t good.  It’s when we listen that the dream dies.  And so it’s not what they call you.  It’s what you answer to.  Don’t answer.

We have lots more to see this weekend! Check in with us and let us show you around on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Sunday, our new podcast comes out, and then on Monday, we are on to Virginia!  A dream come true.  Let’s go! The mountains are calling.  This time, I am answering.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “It’s Not What They Call You. It’s What You Answer To

  1. Patricia Moller

    Good morning Digby you are so wise. You have a dream and you need to stay with that dream. I hope that people understand what you were saying and stay with their dreams. My dream always involve my health and my children. I’ve been able to achieve many dreams in my life, so I’m going to be happy with my life. The only dream that I’d really love to come true is to have another rescue poodle, first I get strong and healthier and then I will get that poodle. Follow your dreams sweet boy, someday it will happen. Hugs and love. ❤️🐾

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