Rain On My Parade

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  It is no secret. Life is a bunch of days put together. Some you remember more fondly than others.  Some you may want to forget. But at the end of your days, even the ones that you would like to forget may seem more special.  You may want to get them back.  Because the truth is, there are never enough days when you have ran out.

I am not sure why I have to state the obvious to persons. Dogs have life all figured out, because honestly, there is nothing much to figure out.  Life is not complicated.  It is those that are called persons that seem to want to complicate it.  Even the rain has a place when the water is overflowing in Charleston, South Carolina.  Even when you are trying to dig a trench out of your campsite.

Because you see, life is not always about you.  Because someone as quiet as a turtle can remind you that when it rains on your parade, the best thing to do is look up.

Because the rain, my friends, is love from the sky to the earth.  The rain makes life possible.  And when you don’t have rain, well, you certainly would miss the rain.  And even the rainy days, at the end of your days, would truly be a good day nonetheless.

So, you may get from all of this that it’s been raining a lot here in Charleston, South Carolina.  If you wanted me to get to the point that fast, you could have asked Digby Pancake to write the blog today.  But since he is still gloating from his climbing skills this week, he was a bit tied up with interviews and the such.


But the truth is, life should be about celebrating little victories, big rain storms and climbing mountains.  Life should be about not stopping the parade for rain.  But for marching in it anyway with purpose.  With confidence.  With joy.  Wherever we go.

As Girl Person was trying to sweep yet another morning of rain away yesterday, she looked over at one of the flooded campsites across the road.  They were in about a foot deep of water.  They were digging holes trying to get the water out. And Girl Person just looked at them and said, “well, it looks like you are in a mess.” The camper man looked at her and just said, “I guess so.” And he went back to eating bacon on a wet picnic table in the mud. And he was happy about it.  Girl Person knew.  She, yet again had something to learn about her own attitude.  You see, life is what we make of it.

Girl Person knows that sometimes, she waits until one thing happens to be happy.  She kept hoping every day for the past week that it wouldn’t rain. Just for one day.  She kept hoping that she wouldn’t have to keep cleaning and that Boy Person wouldn’t have to keep washing our stuff every day.  And the more she waited for the rain to stop, the more depressed she got.  Instead of enjoying the hours without rain, she was in anticipation of when it would come again.  And that made the sunshiney less appreciated too.  What kind of life was this, she wondered.  What kind of parade was this? A pretty sad one.  Not as good as the turtle. Can’t we all just go a little slower and enjoy the rain in our days? Then we can enjoy the sunshiney too.  And what if we get both in one day? How special is that?!

You see, the turtle looks up to the sky and thanks it for the rain.  It walks thru the rain, it bathes in the sun.  Whatever comes, the turtle makes the most of it.  Because he is a turtle. He is not worried about tomorrow.  He is not worried about yesterday.  His parade is now.  It might be a slow parade. But what’s the hurry?

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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