I Got A Song, Ain’t Got No Melody

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  At times, I wonder how I got to be such a fabulous Sheriff.  But shockingly, some days I wonder how I can go to work ever again.  Yes, I get worn out.  It is hard arresting so many every day.


I certainly felt like that on Saturday.  It was another hot one in this Florida place.  It had been a long week.  Girl Person was hiding from that Depression Monster.  And it was all I could do to think pawsitivly.  That’s when I usually look to Deputy Digby Pancake for that.  He is a great backup in that department.


But, as it always happens in our world, something reminds us that we aren’t the only things that make the world go round.  We aren’t the only ones with problems.  We aren’t the only ones who have rough days, rough weeks, or rough months. Or even rough years. There is more to the world than us.  We are only part of it, and it is time to put our attitudes in check.  Leave it up to Campy to remind us.  Campy the cat.


There we were, just driving back from our hike, and one of the hard working, camp ground hosts told us.  Campy had been found in the woods. Campy was all alone.  Campy was tired and hot and not feeling good.  And the truth?  We weren’t really sure she was going to make it another day, another hour.


We were all preparing for the worst.  We put word out that she needed a home. We messaged a local cat rescue.  The campground host lady drove around, trying to see if anyone could help.  All the while, Campy got to rest in the air conditioning with a pillow and some water.  And when I went to go check on her with Girl Person, I became less and less worried.  She was pulling through. Campy might be ok.


Now.  My first order of business was done.  Campy had to keep resting to keep getting better.  But she still needed a forever home.  And as the campground lady host kept working and I kept watching, we kept hoping.  More persons came in to take Campy’s picture and try to find her a home too.  Everyone was working together.  Everyone.


It amazes me as a Sheriff how many people and things I have to arrest every day.  But then, sometimes I am also amazed that there are actually people who care out there.  There are persons that care about even little lives like Campy.  There are persons who will stop their precious weekend time to help someone like Campy.  And so I may have woke up Saturday with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I had a song, but I had no melody.  I knew life was good, but I wasn’t really feeling it.  I had a dance, but no steps.

You see, I was just going round in circles.  I forgot that there was more to life than just me.  That’s easy to forget when you are this handsome.  But, Campy, Campy the cat was out there and needed help.  And by the end of the day?  She had a home.


Yes, the campground host lady found a home for Campy.  Campy will be headed to Atlanta, Georgia next week after she rests a little longer.  And what do I know about this?  It is not what I think.  It is what I know.  Campy the cat was meant to do great things and go great places.  Campy the cat may have been left in the woods all alone, hot and tired and on her last life.  She may not have made it much longer.  But because of love, because someone stopped their world for a few hours to help her, she now has many more hours.  She now will have a life. The melody will now be written for her song.


So today, when you may think that all is lost, and you just don’t have all the pieces to your day or even your life, know this.  There are others that feel like you do.


None of us have anything truly figured out.  We might be going round in circles.  But we all can enjoy the ride, and help a few others along the way.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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