You Had The Best Of Our Love, Campy

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Sometimes there is no easy way to say something. As Sheriff, I have to give bad news if need be. That is the hard part of my job. I am sorry, but Campy the cat didn’t make it.


Now.  I can’t tell you that I am happy today. Because I am not.  I can’t tell you that when I heard the news yesterday, that I didn’t cry a little or a lot.  Because I did.  Campy lived in the moment though, and her last moments were full of love.  She left us at PetSmart being spoiled.  And yes. That really meant something.  That really meant something.

Have you ever known someone for a short time that made a big impression?  What a question.  Have you met me?  But for today, I am not going to make this about me, although, in a round about way, everything is about me.


No. Actually, I am going to appreciate the few days that we knew Campy.  As I told you yesterday, Campy was found abandoned by some persons who could not take care of her. The Camp Host lady took her to take care of her and love her and try to get her back to feeling better.  And it looked like she was feeling better.  But like we have said many, many times before.  You never know what tomorrow will bring or what tomorrow can take away.  And it took away our Campy.


Yes, I will say, our Campy. Because Campy belonged to me, to Digby, to the persons, to the Camp Host Lady, to you.  To the many, many friends of ours on our website and Facebook page.  She didn’t even know it.  But I know that she felt it.  She must have.  Because despite her illness, she tried to get out of her cage, she tried to hide in a tire, she tried to be…a kitten.  And we thought that her days were going to be long.  But it did not happen that way.  And we miss her. I bet you might too.

You know, there are days when you think that you can do anything.  And then there are days that you doubt if you can do anything at all.  And trying to help Campy was one of those things that I knew might not have the best outcome.  But we had to try.  And for Campy, I think that she knew that.  Us animals have a great trait..we live in the moment.  So for Campy, I know that her last moments of love and being spoiled were all that she did remember.  I also think that she knew how handsome I was.  And that was important too.


Campy the cat taught me many things in the three days that I knew her, but the most important was this.  You can love someone or something half hearted for all of your life.  But giving all of our love, all that we have, that is truly something special. And Campy the cat had all of our love.  All of it.  And that was a lot of love for a little kitten.  And Campy was meant to teach us that love is a wonderful thing. When you can show someone love, a love that you don’t expect anything from showing, and when you give of yourself and expect nothing back, that is when you know what love truly is.  There is no other definition.

And when you are afraid of love, because you think that the someone you love might be taken away, you are right.  They might.  Campy was.  Was I will still never stop loving her and knowing that every animal is important.  Every animal is an individual.  And every animal needs us.  You might not be here with me, Campy. But I will still never give up.  Because maybe your example can be called to mind when one of us sees an animal that needs our help.  So this isn’t goodbye Campy.  You will never leave my memory.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring.  It may bring a Campy into your life.  It may take a Campy away.  So for today, love that someone.  And be that someone who loves.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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