The Case Of The Curious Crab

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Have you ever had one of those days when someone gets on your last nerve…or stuck in your paw?  It is shocking.  But I have.  And it took all I had yesterday not to let it get to me.  Because.  It was in my paw…a claw.

“Walk straight, my son” – as the old crab said to the young crab.-Irish Proverb

There we were.  Taking our normal, sunset stroll and it was a hot one outside, folks.  So hot that you could fry a pancake as I used to say.  Yesterday.  And so we decided to go for a little swim.  And that’s when the Curious Crab decided to see what my paw was.  He may have been under the sea.  But now, he was under my feet.  Or in my paws, that is.

I had no idea at that second what in the world was biting me.  But I knew that it didn’t feel as silky as syrup.  And so I jumped out of that water like a bead of water dropped on a hot skillet, and as Girl Person ran over to help me, she lifted up my paw.  And there he was.  That Curious Crab.

Girl Person screamed very loudly.  As Sheriff Brickle surveyed the situation while wondering how many were staring at his beach body, he decided that the best way to handle the situation was to let Girl Person handle the situation.  She would be the only one who could pry the Curious Crab out of my paws.  And I knew that as much as it hurt, I was going to have to let her do it too.  I tried to channel my inner zen, and wished that I could take up yoga.


As Girl Person ever so panicky, yet ever so gently tried to remove the Curious Crab from my paw, I wondered a few things.  Why was he even in my paws?  Was he craving a snack of Fritos?

And what was going to happen when that crab actually did get out of my paw?  Who was going to run faster?  I was ready.  I was gonna run like the wind!  But as he was released from his own grip, there he went.  Running with a run I had never been witness to.  He was running…sideways or something!

Now.  As much as I was irritated at the Curious Crab, I couldn’t help but laugh for a moment.  There he was, being all crabby and bitey, and yet, he was funny.  Real funny.  And I thought about the situation that had just occurred.  And yeah, I forgave that crab.  Even though I was limping a little bit.  Because I probably would never see him again.  And if for but a moment, he taught me a little thing about myself.

You see, there are things and situations that get under our paws sometimes.  Maybe someone says something that they didn’t think through well enough, and it rubs you the wrong way.  Maybe you let the small things in your day get to you.  Maybe you take all of the irritating small things that happen in your day and let it bite you.  You let it get to you. And it carries with you.  And well.  If you let the crabs of life take away your joy, like walking on the beach, that is not ok.  Because it is all in how we handle life with a sense of humor.  It is there if we try and see it.  And not step on it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Glad 😛 got the crab out of your pagans that you are ok. So I won’t let the crabs get me down. Won’t be a crab myself

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