In A Blaze Of Glory

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Well, the time is almost here for us to pull out of the driveway on Monday.  And as we start packing ourselves up, and Memaw Macaw packs her whole life up too, I can only sit out here in my dirt hole and think about the past month, and the persons are thinking about the past years on this land.  In this dirt.  And it is time.  Time for reflection.  And a pancake.


We didn’t know when we got here that Memaw Macaw would sell her house so fast.  The house that she grew up in.  The house that Boy Person’s grandparents lived in.  The land that Boy Person’s house was on, and then gone from.  The land with memories, bottlebrush trees, palm trees, gopher turtles and frogs.


This was the driveway that Boy Person thew his football down, and caught the school bus.  The driveway that Girl Person would drive down to visit him when they were kid persons.  And the land with all of his family’s memories…his brother, his sisters, his old dog named Digby before me.  The dirt with his family’s farm produce and grapefruit trees.  Where Boy Person’s grandma would sell tomatoes by the road.  And the place where all of the things that once lived here too were being packed away.  Like Boy Person’s old guitar.  Like Boy Person’s old truck.  Like all of the memories.


When the time comes to leave a place that you never think that you will leave, it is not easy.  In fact, just the thought of leaving this dirt hole is hurting my pancake heart.

So for Memaw Macaw, I can only think of what she is leaving too.  She has a really big dirt hole here.  As I get older, and a little slower, and a lot cuter, I see that persons have a hard time of passing days on a calendar too.  They can’t do as much as they used to.  They can’t do as much as maybe they want to. I remember that with Granny Person, and I see a little of that with Memaw Macaw.  But as I can still enjoy life, so can Memaw Macaw.  In fact, we can both enjoy life a lot.  She can also talk a lot, but that’s a story for another day when you have the time.  And no one has that much time.

But I got to thinking in my dirt hole. Maybe this moving on thing wasn’t such a bad thing right now.  Maybe it was time.  Maybe leaving when you don’t have to is what is best.  Maybe instead of driving away crying, driving away with the windows rolled down and breathing in the memories as you want to, instead of chasing them away is the best thing of all.

So many times, persons try to hold on to things that aren’t best for them.  A big yard with a leaking roof wasn’t the best for Memaw Macaw.  Maybe another place with family and those that have all day to listen to her besides Lele will be fun.  I know Lele will appreciate that.


And maybe Tommy Cat wants a new place to be himself.  Roaming without lots of traffic and dangers.


Leaving somewhere when you have a choice seems easy, I know.  But making those decisions for the persons is often the hardest part…not the packing, not the driving, not the moving.  But leaving when the going is good makes the new beginning more enjoyable.  And when the persons can finally realize that the land or even the house that they are leaving is not where the memories are kept, that is when I think that it can be an adventure.  A chance to even leave the memories behind you don’t want to think about.  That choice is theirs.  Leaving in a blaze of glory is better than leaving when you have no choice.  You can turn around and bid goodbye and tell yourself that you are worth more than where you had your beginning.  Life has just begun.

Our worth isn’t dependent on one place, or one memory I have come to see.  If I dwelled on how my life began, what could I have done with the rest of it?  Not one thing defines us. Not one house is who we are.  Find your worth not only in memories, but find your worth in moving on if you should.  And when you can.

We pull out of here on Monday and feel our adventures are just beginning to! Join us as we head back to Amelia Island, Florida for a little beach therapy and new explorations! Are you coming? Memaw Macaw will be headed to her new beginnings too in a blaze of glory. And we are proud.  Proud as a pancake. And that’s real. Proud.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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4 thoughts on “In A Blaze Of Glory

  1. Karen Hampton

    Ohhh, bet there is a LOT of us ‘ugly criers’ on this page tonight! Ladies, is Digby not the wisest, most thought provoking, cutest hound ever? Our beloved TTD ‘family’ are so vulnerably strong….did that make sense? I’m sending out good Karma & Prayers they enjoy this weekend, have a safe, UNEVENTFUL drive back to Amelia Island & only good & happy times & occurrences great them on the beach!!! Love their heart. 🐕🐕💟👍🏼🍷🍷🙏🏼🕉️

  2. Iris

    I watched Boy Person use a chain saw (for the first time?) to help his brother cut up a pine tree in that yard.
    Happy trails and better days ahead. Maybe they will be back there one day.

  3. Jacqueline

    Ohhhh, I knew I was going to ugly cry!!! But I also laughed, so thank you! Great things are ahead for all of you, I can feel it!!! Enjoy your weekend and the time left, for now. NOT GOOD-BYE, SEE YOU LATER!!!! Love you all. xoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Sally

    Sigh….a note for today’s blog… I am crying…..I know this path….you are right on …spot on in your heart. Sentiment t and emotions…carry on….life is good……so glad you are all a part of my life too! What an amazing work of love..💕

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