Selective Hearing

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Has anyone ever told you that you have selective hearing? Did you hear them when they said this? Or did you choose not to? Are you even listening right now?


So yesterday, Boy Person had the observation that I could have been having a problem hearing. They tell me it’s time to get up in the morning and I don’t hear that. They tell me that it is time to go outside and use the bathroom before bed. I don’t hear that either. The persons thought that maybe it was because I am getting older. I will in fact be ten years young next year. Brickle too.  Although he will not admit it.


The persons kept looking at me and wondering if I needed a hearing aid. Did I need them to speak louder? What could they do?

They were feeling so bad about it that Girl Person decided to get a treat from the cabinet and as she opened the bag ever so gently, I forgot I was putting on a show and jumped up. I mean, the treats are that good.

All of a sudden, the persons looked at each other and knew the answer. I could hear just fine. When I wanted to. Yet, they weren’t mad. No, they just said that it was a good thing I was ok. And yet, I am not sure what the big deal is. Persons have selective hearing all the time!


You see, even if something like a pot pie is right in front of them, and talking to their belly, because pot pies always talk to your belly, they won’t even hear it.

They may be focused on something else. Like pizza. Or a hamburger. Or spaghetti. And they may think that all of that is better. But maybe they should be more open minded and think about something like the pot pie that may end up being better for them. Just sayin.


Being a senior makes for some hard days when it is not so easy to get up or to get comfortable.  Some days I wish I had a button to turn back the paws of time.

Sometimes, I wish that I was younger and I remember the days where things were a lot easier, when I remembered more and when I felt a bit better. But being a senior also makes for persons being more patient, and giving you the benefit of the doubt. But never doubt I won’t hear the dinner bell. Do people actually have dinner bells?

I think that’s made up like a dressed up pancake on a cold dinner plate. I don’t know what that means. But I am a senior. It must be filled with wisdom.

We will be near Tampa, Florida until the end of December.  We are navigating thru our choices..Italy…The RV…somewhere else…stay tuned

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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Reality Leaves A Lot To The Imagination

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  If you want to take a ride on the wild side, well, jump in to the Big Blue Treat Wagon.  Actually, you can take a ride, but since we are just going across the campground every other day, it probably won’t be that wild.


But for what it’s worth, you still get to ride with me.

People tell us all the time that we are living the dream.  This is a dream. This is a dream. Sometimes, I do wonder if we will ever wake up from it.  I don’t remember a time that we weren’t in this Big Blue Treat Wagon.


It’s hard to remember when our house didn’t have wheels, or a time that we didn’t have to move our whole life every day or every week.

Some days, I wake up and we pack up, and I think, here we go again. But where are we going? I never really know!

The funny thing is, and if a dog could laugh, I would laugh about it, but only on the inside, sometimes it is fun.  But sometimes it isn’t. And sometimes, you can look at what someone else has, wish you had it, and forget the things about your reality that are pretty good too.  We all do it.  And it wastes time. Because we have two choices. Either be happy with our lives, or make it what we want it to be. Because time won’t stop for us to decide.

When we walk around the campground every day, one of my favorite things to do is look at other people’s campsites and see how they decorate and Digby likes to see what they are cooking out.

Sometimes, I wonder if we would be happier in a bigger RV or one that didn’t break down quite as much.  Sometimes, I wonder if the people in tents look at our RV and think how great it is. Then I think, well, they don’t know about that time we almost broke down on a bridge going uphill in South Carolina. Or that time we almost went the wrong way in a tunnel. Or that time that the rain came in on our heads. Or that time the air conditioner broke in the Florida place. And I know it to be true. No one ever really knows the true reality of what they think is a dream. And if we are worried too much about what someone else has, or the life they seem to lead, we can forget the great things about our own. And that dream is your reality. Appreciate it like someone else already does.

We are in Charleston, South Carolina for over another week and have we a lot more to see!  We hope you will stay with us as we keep dreaming of sweet tea, barbecue and beautiful sites! I have a dream we will do this and that it will come true!

Tell me today what the dream is about your reality and what someone else would appreciate about it! Let’s all see what great things we can accomplish when we take time for appreciation. Also. You can appreciate I am handsome. That goes without saying, but I said it.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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