There’s No Business Like Show Business. But Who Is Digny?

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  Some days you feel like you have it all together.  Actually, I never feel that way.  But some days you feel like you want to be on your own deserted island.  Or a rug.  Either works.


It is true that we have traveled the country five times.  But nothing prepares you for being on camera.  In a studio.  With lots of people all working. And running around like they are in a hurry for something.

There’s no people like show people, they smile when they are low

But cameras.  Did I mention.  Cameras.

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Girl Person tried to prep us for our interview.  We went over questions and all me and the Sheriff had to do was look good and look cute.  No big deal, right?  Until I saw the lights.  The cameras. And then the action.  They wanted to talk to us. They wanted to hear about our Adventure Of A Lifetime.  And it was kind of overwhelming.  Because out on the road, you feel alone and that no one is even paying attention to what you are doing.  But here we were, ready to tell the world what we did for the past two years.  And I wondered.  When would this be over?  And how long would it take until I got to go home and eat breakfast.

So I started to prep myself before we even walked in the door. If we were going to do this, I needed some strength.  I found an old chicken wing and then old poop.  Energy. Found.  Plus, if I had bad breath, maybe the interview would be shorter.  Then, I found a wall to go to the bathroom on.  Mark. Left.  But who is Mark?  I thought I was ready.

There’s no business like show business like no business I know
Everything about it is appealing, everything that traffic will allow
Nowhere could you get that happy feeling when you are stealing that extra bow

But that is when I saw it.  The floor.  The shiny floor.  You might as well have told me that I had to walk on water.  I wasn’t having it.  And the Sheriff who normally would have been scared too, just saw his reflection and immediately was ok.

He led the way as Boy Person carried me down the hall into the studio.  You got that right.  He carried me because I was not walking, y’all.  If I had to walk on water, I needed to get to an island.  And their pretty rug became my island. I saw it.  And I planted myself there while the producer talked to us and remarked how gorgeous the Sheriff was.


I have to admit.  They always joke that “Digby don’t care”.  Well, Digby cared about this situation.  And all I could think about was how I was going to get off of this island.  Would I ever get off of this island?  What did I have to do to get off of this island?  I knew it.  I had to howl.  I had to hurry this gig up.  I was trying to be a trooper, but the I would have preferred to be a pooper.  I was getting hungrier and ready to get this over with. I thought that if I wore my biggest smile that they would let me off this island and go home to breakfast.  I had to do this.

Finally, it was our time to shine.  Boy Person carried me across the water over to the couch and we sat there like this was a normal, every day occurrence.  To be on TV in the water with an island and no breakfast. We sat by the couch, the Sheriff poured on the charm, the persons wished that they had a bottle of wine, and it started. And then…they introduced me as…Digny.  Who. Was. Digny. That’s not my name. Y’all.

But you know what?  As soon as they got my name wrong, I knew it.  This wasn’t a big deal at all. I knew that this whole time of worrying was pretty much not even worth it.  Here we were worrying about a TV camera and water and islands when actually…the trip was way harder than this!  We were taking this too seriously.  And when Deputy Digny…I mean Deputy Digby don’t care, well, no one should care.  One mistake meant that we could make a mistake too.  And it was time to not even worry about what we said, because all of the 48 rescues on our trip said it all anyway.

Yesterday they told you you would not go far, that night you open and there you are
Next day on your dressing room they’ve hung a star, let’s go on with the show!!

Life is way too serious sometimes.  When you think about it, and you should take a minute to think about it, there is no one more important than anyone else.  Even Digny.  Whoever that it is.  When we think even too much of ourselves or others, it makes the responsibility to do what is right less obvious. It is up to us to let what we do in life and for others shine through.  Not our names.  Just tell that to the Sheriff.  He thought he was looking pretty good on TV.  And well, yeah, even with the lessons of the day, you can’t deny that.

So the next time that you take life too seriously, like we did, stop for a moment.  What we do during our day can inspire or discourage someone.  Find your island, swim there and stay afloat. You can do it if we can.  And remember, it isn’t about you.  It’s about everyone who comes in contact with you.  Your name isn’t the most important.  It is how you changed the world for the better. There’s no business like show business, but there is no one like you either.  You are a star.  Work it.

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Watch our interview on Daytime NBC with Jerry Penacoli and Cyndi Edwards Thursday at 10 a.m. ET. Check your local listings for channels or times or their website.  We will also post the interview in its entirety after airing. Promise!

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