What’s The Chance?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Some things seem highly unlikely to happen. Seeing a dog more handsome than I am. Smelling a dog that stinks more than Digby Pancake. The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV actually running good. Or at all. All of those things? Highly unlikely.

It would have seemed highly unlikely this week that our roof and entire wall would be rotted out. What was the chance?

It would have seemed unlikely that the worst rain and cold weather in this Florida place would have occurred at the same time. What was the chance?

It was unlikely that on that same week, we were to film our first Furry Tails Bedtime Stories For Dogs sponsored by Pet Releaf? What was the chance?!

Click to see watch here!

And what was the chance that Girl Person had a scheduled appearance on Daytime NBC making Big Game snacks for dogs with a rescue dog named Chance.

Yes. I have to ask. What was the Chance? Who was this guy?! And what was the chance that Girl Person would cheat on us? Oh yes. But it happened.

Girl Person told me that she knew Digby and I were tired and that it was really cold and she thought we would be better to stay with Boy Person. I wasn’t happy about it.

She said it was an hour and a half drive. And well. That’s a long way. I understood. But if I would have known that she would be spending her time with handsome, nine year old Chance? Well. I might have reconsidered.

Chance needs a home. Yes. And if you want to adopt him, AnimalLuvrs Dream Rescue can help you. But they can’t help with my jealous nature. They can’t give me back that time with Girl Person. Oh no.

Some weeks crazy stuff happens. Which makes for catching up the next week. And yep. We have nowhere to stay after next Friday. Seems everyone wants to escape to this Florida place, but I have news for you. It’s cold here too! What’s the chance, you ask?

Leave it up to us. If something can go wrong, it will. But if there is a chance that Digby and I can see the positive in it, we will do that too.

Life is a bunch of bad, good and just ok moments mixed together.

But at the end of your days, you might just have the best picture ever of a life well spent. What’s the chance? That’s up to you.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Can’t Buy Me Love, But I Can Buy Me A Dirt Hole

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  What a week, what a week, what a week.  And it is not over yet.  Seems like people always want to discount Friday, like it is the start of the weekend, but that it’s not really a weekday either.  I say if Friday feels good, it doesn’t need a label to call it something.  Don’t try to rush it though.  We only have so many days! Just let it be.

As you know, we had to go to the TV studio this week. And it was fun, tiring and more fun all wrapped up in one.

But when it was all said and done this week, and we said it all and nothing was really done, I got to sit in my dirt hole.  My dirt hole at Memaw Macaw’s house.  And my friends?  We may not have much money to buy a house without wheels, or a car that doesn’t break down every few minutes.  But I sure have enough money to love my dirt hole.  And let me tell you…that makes me and the persons feel like the richest souls on earth.

You see, as the persons were scurrying about yesterday like squirrels looking for nuts and the persons were being nuts, all of a sudden, Boy Person stopped and looked at me.  There I was.  Covered in dirt.  Laying in dirt.  Girl Person had brushed me, so there was hair everywhere.  And this exact moment in time?  It was heaven to me.  You might say that my dirt hole was my vacation spot.  This felt so good to have my own dirt hole.  Being on the road is fun.  But having your own spot, whether you have a lot or you have not a lot means everything.


But Boy Person got a little concerned.  Would people driving by worry about me in my dirt hole?  He had driven by dogs before in dirty yards all filthy sitting on junk heaps looking all proud.  And he said he had felt sorry for them. But he said, that it just might be as we were driving by, that they were looking at us thinking they felt sorry for us. It was true.

You see, everyone has their own way of being happy and content. Sometimes, we think that there is only one way to be happy. That everyone wants what we do.  Sometimes we think that it takes a big house or a big yard or a big car to be happy. And the persons say that they need money to buy food and stuff.  I get that for sure.  I know my handsome is our paycheck.


But as we prepare to leave Memaw Macaw’s driveway on Monday to head back to Amelia Island, Florida to camp on the beach, I am not sure how I feel.  You know how much I love the ocean.  The water.  The sand.


But I also love our hometown.  I love our family, our friends, our new friends.



When we look back, our month here in Memaw Macaw’s driveway may not have been exciting to anyone.  Or anyone driving by.  But as we prepare to pull out of here Monday, we can look back and say this.  We got nothing fixed on the RV.  We got nothing accomplished with work.  We didn’t get rich, or figure out our next steps in life.  But what we did do was more important.  We realized that whatever steps we take, whatever direction we take when we pull out of this driveway starts our adventure again, but we needed this time.  To just be in a dirt hole.


I am pretty sure that this driveway is going to be pretty empty when we leave.  In fact, Memaw Macaw may be moving soon too.  And we hope that whoever next finds my dirt hole and my fur appreciates that this little spot in Thonotosassa, Florida was home for us.  This little spot was appreciated.  Dirt and all.

If you have your own spot, and it makes you happy, be happy.  Be proud of whatever that is.  When we drive by…wave to us.  And know that your happy spot is your happy spot.  And don’t judge anyone else’s.

We are going to go to today to our Aunt Nikole’s house at Pawsome Adventures to tell her goodbye, play and get more dirty.  Then, we will be having a movie night and sleepover at Gandma and Gandpa’s house.  We have some news about the orange grove…and well…stay tuned for Monday.  The adventure?  It starts again.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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