You Otter Know That You Are Deer To Me

This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  A busy week is a good week, Girl Person says.  From meeting old friends, to playing at doggy daycare at Aunt Nikole’s house, and the persons’ trip to work while giving us a little vacation…it was so busy I didn’t know which end was up as Granny Person used to say.

It’s funny.  Sometimes, you get tired of the same boring routine every day.  But when that routine is thrown off like a good attitude on Sheriff Brickle, you miss it.


And so when we got to go hiking again yesterday and look forward to eggies at breakfast, we were beyond excited to get back to boring.  But as with any day, you never know what you’re gonna get.

We had walked down this same path about twenty times in the past two weeks.  We have come across alligators.  We have come across raccoons and rabbits.  We have come across mice and alligator birds.  But yesterday, we otter have known that there were more party animals out here wanting to say hello.

I was tired from daycare, and my mind was on breakfast. Girl Person’s mind was on sleep and more coffee.  But the otters only had one thing on their mind.  When we saw the two otters running across our path?  It woke us up.  You see, when Pappy Person was around, he used to tell us that otters could be mean.  Otters could “tear your butt up”.  And when your butt is in danger of being torn up, you think about that, and you try to kick butt and run.  And the cuter the otter is, the faster you better run.

I got so excited about saving my butt that I started panting so much Girl Person told us we had better stop running and look behind our butts to make sure that they were gone. Not our butts.  The otters.

When we were sure the swamp was clear, Girl Person told us that this was supposed to be a restful, boring day.  And that we needed to get back to that.  But as we made our way down the path a little further, oh deer, oh deer.  There they were, almost jumping straight into our tired butts.  About twenty deer being giant.  As they ran into the swamp and the woods, I had to wonder.  When was breakfast?  I also had to wonder.  The next time we walked this path, would it be the same story?

You see, we all have things that we do everyday and roads that we take.  But often, we don’t seem to remember that the things along those roads and those paths will change some day.  When we stop noticing, that is when we forget that there is someone out there who has never been on that road.  There is someone out there that has never been on that path.  How would they see it?


We have to admit.  After traveling so much, when we slowed down here in this Florida place, we started to take it for granted.  But the butt chasing otters and the Oh Dear Deers really forced us to stop and remember as Girl Person’s butt hit the ground dragging us through the swamp.  They were saying “welcome back.  But you aren’t paying attention to us”.  We are going to make you stop.  Or run.  Either one.

As I found a new pile of alligator poop to roll in as Girl Person was getting swamp water out of her shoes, I knew it.  Not only was it good to be back.  It was good to remember.  It was good to take notice.  And it was good that the otters didn’t catch us.  My butt is too cute to be torn up.

What path do you travel every day?  Do you know what someone new to it would notice?

-Deputy Digby Pancake

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