Thanks Guys. For Doing…What You Do.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. If you have ever went beyond your comfort zone, you know that well…it’s not comfortable. It’s about as uncomfortable as Deputy Digby trying to squeeze into a pair of last summer’s jeans if he wore pants. Which he should. It’s about as uncomfortable as trying not to look at my gorgeousness. I see you by the way.


So yesterday, we decided to go to some areas in this Oregon place that were pretty, well, uncomfortable to go to, like a gorge. No, not like Digby gorging on pancakes, but a real gorge. We were kind of late in starting on the trail in the gorge. Why were we late again? First.  The train.  All day.  All night.  I cannot explain it.  It never stops.  But our sleep did.

Then,the persons spent all morning on the phone. Why? Well, we only have camping reservations until Friday here. And we wanted to to the Willamette Valley for wine, but there is nowhere anywhere around for us to stay. They won’t even make room for a Sheriff in a Big Blue Treat Wagon RV.  So we still have no place to go. But when you can’t try, try again. And when you try and still don’t succeed, it’s time to go hiking. In a gorge. Guess we will park on the side of the road Friday if we have to. This was worth letting our problems go. We will worry later.

Anyway, we got to the gorge, and let me just say it. There were too many people there. How many people we wondered had to go to a gorge? Being on the road for so long, we aren’t doing so well in crowds. And it was almost too much to handle, until Deputy Digby pooped right in the trail. That cleared our path.  The Deputy is good for some things.


So we took it all in.  The freezing water that is. And it was just breathtaking, literally.  In Oregon, it seems like there is an endless supply of waterfalls and hikes and nature at its finest.  The people here take advantage of all the activities there is to do. But there. Are. A lot. Of. People.

So after our hike in the gorge, we decided the only rational thing was to go where there was even more people, at a bridge and waterfall.

Until Deputy Digby had a panic attack.  We knew he was afraid of heights. But apparently, he is afraid of tall waterfalls too, even if he is low to the ground.  After wading our way through a gorge, it should have been easy to make our way thru a crowd of people, of kids, of other dogs, of people who didn’t like dogs and from people who were eating pizza.  Yes, I tried to steal a baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby tried to steal the same baby’s slice of pizza.  Yes, Digby almost tripped a big man person who yelled at him.  Yes, I tried to jump on a grandmother’s lap who was afraid of dogs and screamed.  And yes, Digby had a panic attack upon looking at the waterfall, and he pulled Boy Person down a flight of stairs trying to run for his life.  It. Was. Fun. Y’all.


Sometimes, your comfort zone seems like the rational place to be, not in a gorge or in a crowd of baby’s pizza slices.  But then I looked at the waterfall, and I knew that I had to see it, even if the Deputy couldn’t go.

I gazed upon it for a moment.  How did we get here I wondered.  How were we able to see all of these amazing things in our world?  How did two rescue dogs from the south, on our last hours in shelters get to enjoy these special hours with our persons? Other dogs were not so fortunate.  I had to appreciate it.  I had to look at this waterfall, even for Deputy Digby.  So as I looked, and contemplated life as a Sheriff always does, I walked back to Boy Person and Digby.  And he thought I had perished.  He is so overdramatic.

Through all of the crowds and unfortunate pizza slice misses, we were happy to have been able to see what our world is all about, and in the end, we were happy others were appreciating it too.  So as we went back to camp, and prepared for a restful evening, Girl Person thanked us for a hard day’s work as she always does.  But this time, she didn’t thank us for doing a good job.  She thanked us for doing…what we do.  And what we do might be annoying to parents trying to protect pizza.  What we do might be annoying to scared grandmas.  And what we do might even be annoying to everyone else.  But what we do is good enough for her, and always will be.  Wherever we are.  Wherever we go.

We aren’t thanking the train though.  That is another story.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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