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This is Deputy Digby Pancake.  It has been fun in this Idaho place for the last week and a half.


I generally don’t like to count the days, however I do generally like to count pancakes, and as the days ran out on our time here, I found that I would miss it.  Just like that stack of pancakes that was there but is no more.  And so we are packing up this morning to hit the road to some Montana place.  I hear its cold.  I hear its beautiful.  And we know that an animal rescue will be getting a visit from us.  Stay tuned for that, because we pretty much don’t know where we are going.  Why? We are trying to outrun rain and snow. Montana? It’s June in case you were not aware of that.


We had a wonderful week in Idaho, and it was made even better when we received some news.  You may remember that a few months ago when we took a break in that Florida place, I got a bit tired.  I had a hard time moving and my tummy hurt, and it wasn’t from too many pancakes.  Because there are never enough pancakes, and I don’t care what the x-rays said on that.


Because we still have about seven weeks and four states still on this trip, the persons thought it was a good idea to make sure that we all should keep going.  They also wanted to see if my health had improved since I was sick in Florida and the fans have been asking.  Now, first things first. I hate going to the vet person office as much as I hate maple syrup shortages.  Those just aren’t likable situations.  I cry and howl and yeah, I generally scream like a baby to scare everyone and their mother and their mother’s mother for miles surrounding the vet office.  So the thought of finding a vet person to go to when we can’t even find anywhere to do laundry in some of these places we visit overwhelmed Girl Person. And as with anything that Girl Person doesn’t want to do, she puts it off like Sheriff Brickle puts off not looking in the mirror for more than five minutes.


So when some nice people at Balanced Health and PetMedella offered to do some tests on us to see how we were holding up on this trip, Girl Person jumped at the chance.  Plus, when she found out that we didn’t even have to leave the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV except to mail the tests back, she agreed.


She knew the fans were asking about me, and that we had to know if we were 100% good to finish out this Adventure Of A Lifetime.  In order to see the big picture of this trip, we had to get OUR pictures of health to keep going. I know she has always said that the day the Sheriff and I aren’t up to this traveling thing anymore is the day we quit.  And I believe her as much as I believe that pancake restaurants should be on every corner.  Who can I talk to about that?

When we got the tests from Balanced Health, there were two for the persons and two for me and Sheriff Brickle from PetMedella.


Girl Person said that we all had to cut a little bit of hair and spit on a swab.  Well, now, this isn’t something I am told to do everyday.  I got to thinking about it.  What could I eat that would really make this test interesting?


Horse poop on the trail?  Old chicken bones at camp?  The possibilities were endless.  But Girl Person said we had to wait a little bit after eating.  I did not like that part, because I never like to stop eating, but I went with it. Deputy sometimes have to go with the flow. She brushed me a bit and cut a few pieces of my pancake smelling hair, rubbed a stick around in my mouth, and that was that.


I didn’t even howl or scream.  But I will later for fun.


As you can imagine, getting some of Sheriff Brickle’s hair was a bit too easy.  That brother of mine sheds like he is trying to make the RV into a big dog hair blanket. Mission accomplished.


The persons did what they had to do as well, and it was a big party.  Well, not really. But it sure beat going to the vet person.  With that time saved, we could enjoy more sunshiney.  And that my friends is everything because every minute we can relax is savored like…yes…a pancake. Or five.


The persons liked that the test results were emailed to us.  But Sheriff Brickle, as he always does, wanted more information.  He was thinking that they were measuring how much handsome he had.  He was thinking that they were going to find out how valuable his brindle beauty was, and he thought the test was useless, because that was all obvious. As obvious as the fact that a hat with a potato on it should only be worn in Idaho.  Why? I don’t know.


But Girl Person said that they were testing to see how good our organs were working, if we had any nutritional imbalances, hormonal imbalances or toxins. This is way beyond my thinking, I can tell you that, but I did enjoy what we found out, and then, after this blog, if you want to know more in depth how this works, Sheriff Brickle will take over that part.

As you may remember, I was having problems with my liver and my joints in that Florida place.  The persons switched our diets and started giving us some vitamins. They did x-rays and bloodwork, which again I hated, and although I was feeling better, and the persons could tell that, they wanted to make sure. And these tests confirmed what they thought.  I WAS better!  And just a few little changes since January had made a difference.  PetMedella gave the persons piece of mind, although I wanted a piece of pie.  What did we find out though?

Girl Person scheduled a call with their health practitioner, and they went over everything with her on the phone as we were barreling down the road in the RV. They didn’t even care about the noise, and explained everything easily and what everything meant.  I slept during that part.


We found out what foods the Sheriff and I were sensitive to.  Pancakes were not on that list by the way, although Girl Person said there was not a specific pancake test.  They found out what cleaning products we didn’t like and what meats we shouldn’t have.  They saw what parts of our bodies were working good, and which ones needed work.  They were able to tell what emotional stresses we could have, and how to help that.  And then my liver?  Yes.  It was functioning at 97%! 97%!  They found out my joints needed some extra attention and my nervous system too. But the best thing of all was they found out what natural remedies could help.


Sheriff Brickle’s test results showed a few things the persons were not aware of and were thankful to find out. His immune system is down and he had other weakness in something called adrenal glands. Yes.  His adrenal glands. Are. Arrested.


For the persons and their Balanced Health tests, they found out what foods they couldn’t eat, and how to help the parts of their bodies that weren’t functioning at full capacity.  It was apparent they needed more rest, and they found out that it was best to cut out things that they were sensitive to, and us too for 30 days to clean out toxins.  Wine was not on that list by the way.  Score!


And so that is our next step. You can see me and Brickle’s full test results below.  We are an open book. And you are on this life’s journey with us!  What we learn hopefully can help other people and their furkids, and isn’t that what is most important?  To have PetMedella and Balanced Health with us at this point in the trip was invaluable to us.  What did we learn?

We learned that the persons have to take better care of themselves, and we all need to slow down a little bit.  We learned that generally, Sheriff Brickle and I were in great health for our age, and that although the persons are doing a lot of things right, there is always room for improvement so that we can all be together as long as possible.  And isn’t that what we all want?


For some of us who may not be able to get to a doctor or a vet sometimes, it is wonderful to know that there are alternatives to get on a path to better health, to balanced health.  And if you want more information on our test results, and more detailed test information, Sheriff Brickle will take over below.  Plus, for our fans, if you decide to order these kits, at checkout, you can use coupon code 2TD to get $20 off each kit. But it doesn’t come with any pancakes.  I could not negotiate that one. Sorry.

IMG_9708Like I have always said, sometimes, things happen in our lives that are hard to go thru but end up being just what we need.


It was not fun to get sick in that Florida place and to have to go to the vet person.  But we are happy we knew what changes to make to make me feel better.  And thanks to Balanced Health and PetMedella, we know what other changes we can make now too.  We all need room for improvement, unless you are Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  He said to say that. Take over Brickle. I mean Sheriff.  After you are done reading below, get ready! Now that we have our pictures of health, it’s time for Montana! Let’s go!

-Deputy Digby Pancake

Our test results are at the bottom of this page

Although this post is sponsored and we received compensation, all opinions are our own. 

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Ok, so here is the detailed information on PetMedella.  It is my job as Sheriff to inform, so sit back, relax and learn.

First off, what is PetMedella?

kitProduct.jpgAt PetMedella, they bioenergetically scan your pet for organ stress, toxicity, food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional and hormonal imbalances. Through a customized scan, they identify specific remedies and supplements to bring these issues back into alignment.


Click here to see how exactly it works!

How do you understand the results?

What are the benefits of scanning with PetMedella? You know as a Sheriff, I don’t like to be touched! And I didn’t even have to see anyone to do this test and get my results.  PetMedella can help with chronic health issues that may be keeping your pet from living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The second benefit is to help get to the root of their issue. I am good at that! PetMedella has developed a way that is non-intrusive to get results. Every pet has the chance at a healthier life and a happier life!

Now what you all have been waiting for! Our test results.  Get your pet on track to a healthier, happier version of themselves and use the 2TD coupon code at checkout at to save $20 off each scan.

Just click on each report to view

Digby Test Results

Brickle Test Results

And for the persons, Balanced Health supplies crucial information too!



According to their websiteFounder, Samantha Stupak, developed a system of identifying major stresses within individuals using BioEnergetic testing of hair and saliva. After her own battle with Lyme Disease and spending four years of her life sick in bed, she vowed to make a difference.

Balanced Health is still a small operation, but has over 60 years of natural health experience between the technicians, coaches, and practitioners on board. With a this type of experience, education, and compassion we efficiently and accurately know how to approach and work with a multitude of clients and concerns. We work with all ages and varieties of issues. We are extremely passionate about holistic health, natural remedies, and clean sustainable living.

The scanning techniques we practice at Balanced Health are non-intrusive and completed via long distance; enabling us to work with clients around the globe. This state of the art technique allows us to understand your health at a deeper level and can help you to feel as young, healthy, and vibrant as possible.

If YOU want to get on the path to a healthier life like Boy and Girl Person did, order at


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  3. Patty my 17 year old lab says thanks for loving Digby & Brickle so much! Patty has to eat special easily digestible food and take Carprofen/Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM daily but she still does her fair share of arresting all things anti pancake <3

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